Fans Boycott PUBLEMI (Joe+Demi+Publicity Stunt)

So, I don’t want to do this because I don’t believe it one bit, but this is a Jemi NEWS site, and this is news. Alright, here’s a link to the website.

You guys know it’s ridiculous. Pretty sure Demi isn’t really friend with Jeffree Star anymore (she unfollowed him a while back) and second, he was obviously lying about going on a double date with them. Where are the pics? He said TMZ were taking pics of them, and saying he “had nice legs”. Obviously a LIE.

Plus, honnestly, how would they need PR? Demi’s Sonny With A Chance first season ranked extremely well and second season as well. Camp Rock 1 was a mega hit when nobody even new who Demi was and Camp Rock 2 is going to be a huge hit no matter what.
If anything, they – mostly Demi – have been getting a lot of hate for it as this article and this one proves it.

I feel bad for them, no wonder they kept it a secret. And poor Demi going on Jimmy Kimmel Monday..

Thoughts? Comment!

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2 Responses to “Fans Boycott PUBLEMI (Joe+Demi+Publicity Stunt)”

  1. jemi4ever Says:

    I don’t believe that Jemi is for publicity, as said before Camp Rock 2 is already a huge hit since the first one was such a hit so why would it need more publicity? Joe and Demi have just recently decided to come out with their true feelings and it coincidencently came out months before Camp Rock 2 but that doesn’t prove anything. Jemi will be a relatonship that will last after the movie premieres.

  2. JEMI-lover Says:

    it cant be for pr.why they want to ruin their friendship?haters are so stupid..they’re writing things without thinking!! its obvious they LOVE each other..JEMI FOREVER!!!!

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