Spotted : Jemi & Nick at The House Of Blues

If you understand Spanish (if you do please translate for me 😛 ) here’s a link to the original.

So my spanish is unfortunately not at its best, and english isn’t even my first language but I’m gonna do my best to sum it up until something better comes up.

Basically, Nick, Joe & Demi were seen by two band members of a peruvian band at a New Found Glory show at The House Of Blues.

The band is called ADAMMO and two band members are Renzo Bravo and Diego Ubierna. New Found Glory’s guitarist Chad Gilbert is Demi’s friend and Hayley Williams‘  boyfriend.

Here’s an approximative traduction by me of the article:

Diego Ubierna, Adammo’s drummer, told through his Twitter account last night that he met the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato at The House Of Blues where they were to witness the New Found Glory concert.

“We went to eat with the family and then I saw on my Ticketmaster account that New Found Glory was playing, I was there so we decided to go”, told Diego Ubierna of Adammo.

‘We arrived at The House of Blues and it appeared empty until I asked a brother and he told us it was full and costed $ 30 but took us for a rare super place and we got free vip and bought two beers and the show was great’.

“Hayley Williams was watching the show on our side for a moment and you know what? The Jonas Brothers were 4 meters away with Demi Lovato! Then we were in the same VIP party as them.” Said Diego Ubierna of Adammo.

Here are their tweets

Translation of Renzo Bravo‘s tweet : We realized that behind us were Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato and a few steps away Nick Jonas.

Like I said, Spanish isn’t my best but I tried to translate it so people can understand. so even if it’s not word for word I think I still got the point across. But if you have a better translation, please tell me!


A girl at the show, Christy Center, was at the show and tweeted:

“Oh hey joe jonas and demi lovato. Sup? Ps i have the worlds greatest balance. New found glory rules! :)”


Diego Ubierna who was attending the show as said in previous post recently tweeted

“para los que tenian dudas sobre el rumor de joe jonas y demi cierto! AYER LOS VIMOS BIEN APACHURRADOS Y DANDOSE PIQUITOS!”

Which if I’m getting it right means

“For those who had doubts about the joe jonas and demi lovato rumor.. it’s true! YESTERDAY WE SAW THEM hugging STRONGLY and giving quick kisses”

Once again, sorry for my poor spanish :S

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