JEMI tweets = Hints from Demi&Joe&Others

ddlovato : – Spray paint madness. Last wed. night. – 5:01 PM May 9th, 2009

ddlovato : People change, life changes, friends change but you just gotta move on. – 12:02 AM May 18th, 2009

ddlovato : NO! Hahahaha the whole point was to spell poned wrong. It makes it better. Just ask nick j. – 8:12 PM May 19th, 2009

ddlovato : Joe is so cool – 11:31 PM May 19th, 2009

ddlovato : Stupid joe took my phone hahahaha sorry yall. – 11:32 PM May 19th, 2009

ddlovato : Haha… listening to Gotta Find You. I feel like such a nerd. I can’t wait to shoot Camp Rock 2 πŸ™‚ – 10:55 AM Jun 26th, 2009

ddlovato : – This is what hands look like after a night of spray painting πŸ˜€ – 9:12 PM Jun 28th, 2009

ddlovato : – @whoaitsbeckyy hahaha nooo! It’s joe! – 9:34 PM Jun 28th, 2009

ddlovato : I held your hand, it felt like a movie ❀ …You know me better than I know myself. – 3:08 PM Jul 1st, 2009

ddlovato : Recording Camp Rock 2 songs with Kara DioGuardi!! Having serious dejja vu…. Haha – 5:53 PM Jul 13th, 2009

ddlovato : Fun Fact: Kara wrote Camp Rock’s “We Rock” and my song “The Middle”. And we co-wrote “Believe in Me” together. Psshh… I knew her butt … – 6:21 PM Jul 13th, 2009

Jonasbrothers : Everyone!! Tuesday Demi’s New album “Here We Go Again” is coming out! Show your love. Go get it! We love you @ddlovato ! – 6:54 AM Jul 19th, 2009

ddlovato : Fyi boys and girls; there IS such a thing as love at first sight. – 2:56 AM Aug 3rd, 2009

Jonasbrothers : Catch me – @ddlovato the new jam! – 1:53 PM Aug 5th, 2009

ddlovato : I love and miss @jonasbrothers 😦 – 2:23 PM Aug 5th, 2009

Jonasbrothers : We miss @ddlovato more … “fine take your banana!” – 2:25 PM Aug 5th, 2009

ddlovato : @jonasbrothers hahaha aww! Good times…. Camp rock 2!!!! Yayy!!! – 2:33 PM Aug 5th, 2009

Jonasbrothers : @ddlovato wish you could be there tomorrow! We will miss our sis. – 12:48 AM Aug 9th, 2009

ddlovato : @jonasbrothers And I miss my brothers 😦 but I’ll be rooting for you guys all day! Love yall. – 11:42 AM Aug 9th, 2009

ddlovato : @jonasbrothers HAAAPPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!!! Do you know what this means!?! It means my birthday is in five days!!! Hahaha – 1:00 PM Aug 15th, 2009

ddlovato : @Jonasbrothers Camp Rock 2 is SOOOO soon! πŸ˜€ 4:50 PM Aug 20th, 2009

Jonasbrothers : HAPPYYY BIRTHDAY! @ddlovato camp rock 2 is coming up. Canada here we come! Bring your coat. – 5:34 PM Aug 20th, 2009

ddlovato : @StephanieBassa YES! Nick J is a beast. He killed that song. I was so excited they covered it! I love them πŸ™‚ – 9:37 PM Aug 24th, 2009 in reply to StephanieBassa

ddlovato : @Jonasbrothers Hurry up and get your butts to Canada.. I miss yall! – 2:11 PM Aug 26th, 2009

ddlovato : @Jonasbrothers Thank you guys so much for sharing the stage with me.. Welcome to Canada. Love you boys. – 8:13 PM Aug 30th, 2009

ddlovato : Garbo, Joe, Nick and I singing on top of our car after work today! hahaha so much fun. – 7:39 PM Sep 15th, 2009

ddlovato : @JonasBrothers Happy Birthday Nick J!!! I remember back when I turn 17… Ahh. But seriously, I really do love you guys. πŸ™‚ – 9:46 AM Sep 16th, 2009

ddlovato : Never ever ever ever ever ever get in a row boat with joe. Ever. – 3:43 PM Sep 17th, 2009

ddlovato : Joe: “Juicy Fruit makes gum?!” Hahahahhahaa…. Woooow. – 6:14 PM Oct 8th, 2009

ddlovato : Attraction is the spark that ignites when you first kiss, Love is the look in your eyes when you finally pull away. – 12:46 AM Oct 9th, 2009

ddlovato : There’s been a lot of rumors lately that I’m dating one of my best friends Joe. I can promise my entire career that I am not. – 12:00 AM Nov 5th, 2009

ddlovato : We’ve NEVER dated. He’s incredible, but we don’t have feelings for eachother in that way. I love you guys, and I wouldn’t lie about that. – 12:01 AM Nov 5th, 2009

ddlovato : It’s ufortunate that some people out there are so desperate for attention that they have to make up gossip to keep their site alive. – 12:03 AM Nov 5th, 2009

ddlovato : But that’s how this whole city works I guess. It just makes me sad that people are that mean in this world. – 12:04 AM Nov 5th, 2009

ddlovato : How did liking the song turn me into a “niley” supporter?!!?! Hahaha oh man. oh man oh man. I support jevinickileyena. Woo! – 4:02 PM Nov 19th, 2009

ddlovato : @nickjonas Cannot WAIT to see the show. I will be there for sure! New stuff is incredible!!! – 6:24 PM Nov 30th, 2009

nickjonas : @ddlovato thanks Demi. You’re awesome. 6:56 PM Nov 30th, 2009 – in reply to ddlovato

nickjonas : Joe, Garbo and Jack put together a really great holiday party last night! Friends, food and Family! Couldn’t get any better! – 12:09 PM Dec 12th, 2009

ddlovato : In the studio! Recording a duet….. πŸ˜‰ – 2:59 PM Dec 12th, 2009

ddlovato : Having feelings for someone isn’t worth it, unless they make you feel special… irreplaceable… beautiful… Like you’re the only one. – 9:18 PM Dec 12th, 2009

ddlovato : Who’s excited for CAMP ROCK 2?!!? – 11:43 PM Dec 31st, 2009

ddlovato : Totez grew an inch and 3/4 since camp rock 2!! – 4:28 PM Jan 8th, 2010

joejonas : @ddlovato it was good to see my bff! – 3:42 PM Jan 15th, 2010

Jonasbrothers : Houston rodeo! It’s gonna be so awesome! Getting back on that stage! And with Demi! Just like old times! Can’t wait! Hope you’ll be there! – 9:41 PM Jan 17th, 2010

ddlovato : So excited to be coming home to Texas for the Houston Rodeo and being back on stage with the boys. – 1:05 PM Jan 18th, 2010

joejonas : @ddlovato we should prob. Get our cowboy boots on 1:08 PM Jan 18th, 2010 in reply to ddlovato

nickjonas : @joejonas @ddlovato I’m gonna be wearing my cowboy hat. I might even try to learn how to play the banjo. Love you guys. Can’t wait! – 3:46 PM Jan 18th, 2010 in reply to joejonas

ddlovato : RT @joejonas “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” Martin Luther King, Jr. – 4:54 PM Jan 18th, 2010

ddlovato : @nickjonas @joejonas Can we sing while riding on bulls? Is that possible? We need to do something Rodeo-ish. Cowboy attire is a must! – 5:16 PM Jan 18th, 2010

ddlovato : @joejonas Yayyy I can’t wait to sing our new duet together! πŸ˜€ – 12:42 PM Jan 19th, 2010

joejonas : @ddlovato you mean our new hip hop duet? – 1:01 PM Jan 19th, 2010 in reply to ddlovato

ddlovato : Smart listens to the head, stupid listens to the heart. Be stupid. – 7:04 PM Jan 19th, 2010

ddlovato : “Your racing life at the speed of light, but there’s no turning back. Warning signs are there to guide, but your driving way too fast.. – 1:48 AM Jan 22nd, 2010

ddlovato : Darling slow down..” – 1:49 AM Jan 22nd, 2010

ddlovato : “The pressure begins to rise, but your pride won’t let you pray. The lies you live and breathe to hide are getting in the way.. – 1:52 AM Jan 22nd, 2010

ddlovato : Please slow down..” – 1:52 AM Jan 22nd, 2010

ddlovato : Taking off…. @m_callahan @nickjonas @joejonas MATRIX!! – 6:04 PM Jan 23rd, 2010

joejonas : @ddlovato matrixxxxxxx!!!  6:05 PM Jan 23rd, 2010 in reply to ddlovato

ddlovato : Friends, Lovers, or Nothing – John Mayer (This song is SO true…. gahhh)  1:18 AM Jan 28th, 2010

ddlovato : “There will never be an in between, so give it up.” – 1:23 AM Jan 28th, 2010

ddlovato : “Anything other than yes is no, anything other than stay is go, anything less than I love you is lying.” – 1:25 AM Jan 28th, 2010

joejonas : Congrats @NickJonas with #WhoIam Coming out today! You are talented,smart,dreamy.. I love you. I’m Proud of you. – 1:01 AM Feb 2nd, 2010

ddlovato : Hahahaha ‘dreamy’… sorry, I had to retweet that. No but seriously, so proud of you @nickjonas. Love and miss you brothaaa. – 1:43 AM Feb 2nd, 2010

ddlovato : Just home home from work… but now I want to do more work… SO excited for this year! CR2, Sonny Season 2, new album…? More suprises? πŸ˜‰ – 5:12 PM Feb 2nd, 2010

ddlovato : @joejonas are you a member of my fan club?! You better be.. I’m a member of yours! πŸ˜› – 2:04 PM Feb 3rd, 2010

ddlovato : Just got done scheduling out the year.. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited in my life… I’m one happy girl right now! – 8:22 PM Feb 3rd, 2010

ddlovato : My smile is basically eating my face… then again…. story of my life. :D!!! – 8:22 PM Feb 3rd, 2010

joejonas : πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :)!!!!! – 11:12 PM Feb 3rd, 2010

ddlovato : My fortune cookie just told me that I “stand in my own light” and to “make it shine”… Haha reminds me of This Is Me! – 9:40 PM Feb 4th, 2010

joejonas : @ddlovato πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ it’s true!    9:41 PM Feb 4th, 2010 – in reply to ddlovato

joejonas : Hung with @rcschwartzman like usual.. Now watching @ddlovato funny stuff!! – 8:00 PM Feb 5th, 2010

ddlovato : You were there. When I had no shoulder to cry on… you were there. – 2:51 AM Feb 6th, 2010

ddlovato : @Lisa_veronica and @jessicaveronica  are in town! Yayy! They came to visit me on set last night. Such sweet girls. Love you both! πŸ™‚ – 11:26 AM Feb 6th, 2010

ddlovato : Oh and that @joejonas kid came too… Except he jersey fist pumped to my performance the entire night…. So embarrassing…. – 11:27 AM Feb 6th, 2010

ddlovato : Juuuuusssstttt kidding. I love him. I get to work with him all day today! Yayyy πŸ™‚ – 11:32 AM Feb 6th, 2010

MNMachado : Come on @joejonas & @ddlovato please make this quick!! I have plans. πŸ˜‰ – 2:54 PM Feb 6th, 2010

ddlovato : Writing with @nickjonas like old times.. – 9:47 PM Feb 8th, 2010

ddlovato : The song we just wrote expresses the past two months of my life and what comes next. Incredible. THIS is why I love music..  10:38 PM Feb 8th, 2010

ddlovato : Cry Me Out – Pixie Lott – 3:47 PM Feb 9th, 2010

ddlovato : Think Of Me – Rosi Golan – 6:49 PM Feb 9th, 2010

ddlovato : Little House – Amanda Seyfried – 3:52 PM Feb 9th, 2010

ddlovato : Headed off to Orlando with @joejonas to perform our new song “Make a Wave” at Epcot! Yayyyy so excited πŸ™‚ – 5:05 PM Feb 10th, 2010

joejonas : Headed off to Orlando with @ddlovato to perform our new song “Make a Wave” at Epcot! Yayyyy so excited πŸ™‚ – 6:13 PM Feb 10th, 2010

ddlovato : PLANE PARTY!!! MATRIXXX!!! @joejonas – 6:13 PM Feb 10th, 2010

joejonas : Greetings from China!!! – 10:25 AM Feb 11th, 2010

joejonas : China was fun.. But Now we are in Italy!! – 12:07 PM Feb 11th, 2010

ddlovato : – @joejonas and I… Greetings from China!!! – 1:29 PM Feb 11th, 2010

ddlovato : – @joejonas  and I… China was fun… But now we are in Italy!!  1:35 PM Feb 11th, 2010

joejonas : Me and Mickey and @ddlovato chillin – 2:06 PM Feb 11th, 2010

ddlovato : – What up mickey?!!? – 3:20 PM Feb 11th, 2010

ddlovato : TRENDING TOP THIS!!!! #joejonas4spiderman – 4:44 PM Feb 11th, 2010

ddlovato : Wow. WE DID IT!!! Keep going!!! You guys are incredible!!! Hahaha thanks so much!! πŸ˜€ – 5:51 PM Feb 11th, 2010

joejonas : @ddlovato your awesome! I love u bff! #joejonas4spiderman – 5:58 PM Feb 11th, 2010 in reply to ddlovato

ddlovato : What an incredible day. Back in LA.. Goodnight to all of my beautiful followers. – 12:53 AM Feb 12th, 2010

ddlovato : I’m so in love with my job. Just might ask it to be my valentine. – 2:46 PM Feb 12th, 2010

ddlovato : – Saw this on my @replies last night.. makes me smile so big. I love my fans… and it’s true! I’ve never been happier God is good. πŸ™‚ – 3:22 PM Feb 12th, 2010

ddlovato : Before I forget…. WHO’S COMING TO THE HOUSTON RODEO MARCH 7TH??!!?! πŸ˜€ Cannot WAIT to get back on stage with the boys. – 3:27 PM Feb 12th, 2010

ddlovato : Friends, Lovers, or Nothing – John Mayer – 8:45 PM Feb 12th, 2010

ddlovato : I love Valentines Day πŸ˜€ – 3:14 PM Feb 14th, 2010

joejonas : Happy Valentines Day everyone! I love you all sooooo much!!! Woohooo – 4:31 PM Feb 14th, 2010

ddlovato : Today has been the best ever. I love everyone and everything!! I love the weather, I love california, I love this holiday… So happy. πŸ™‚ – 4:52 PM Feb 14th, 2010

ddlovato : P.S. Before I forget, the Houston Rodeo with the @jonasbrothers  is so close to selling out!!! Hurry and get your tix now!!! πŸ™‚ – 5:02 PM Feb 14th, 2010

joejonas : xox – 9:20 PM Feb 14th, 2010

ddlovato : “Call me a safe bet, I’m betting I’m not.” – Brand New – 9:41 PM Feb 14th

ddlovato : Everything I Once Had – The Honorary Title …sooo good. – 9:42 PM Feb 14th

ddlovato : A lot of anonymous valentines left on my porch, I love you all!! You guys are seriously THE best… so blessed. πŸ˜€ – 10:44 PM Feb 14th, 2010

ddlovato : Today I’m shooting the music video for “Make a Wave” with joe! Yayy! – 5:53 AM Feb 15th, 2010

joejonas : Yah! Early morning! – 6:02 AM Feb 15th, 2010

joejonas : You know it’s early when… The sky is in between color of black and blue.. It’s blueck. – 6:04 AM Feb 15th, 2010

joejonas : Today I’m shooting the music video for “Make a Wave” with Demi! Yayy! – 6:05 AM Feb 15th, 2010

ddlovato : @joejonas copycat… :l – 6:48 AM Feb 15th, 2010

ddlovato : “Maybe it’s not my weekend, but it’s gonna be my year..” Love that line, love that song.. πŸ™‚ – 8:22 AM Feb 15th, 2010

ddlovato : He’s not you’re prince charming if he doesn’t make sure you know that you’re his princess. πŸ˜‰ – 3:41 PM Feb 15th, 2010

ddlovato : Your* … Whatever.. Haha ladies yall hear me.. You gotta know you’re appreciated. – 4:03 PM Feb 15th, 2010

ddlovato : You need to have as much respect for yourself, as you do for your fella. If not, then are you really happy with him? – 4:04 PM Feb 15th, 2010

joejonas : Demi hates this picture. But I like it. – 6:02 PM Feb 15th, 2010

ddlovato : @joejonas oh, hey THANKS jerk! – 6:09 PM Feb 15th, 2010

ddlovato : – @joejonas  Really joe? Really? Hahahaha – 6:26 PM Feb 15th, 2010

ddlovato : Feeling so inspired and so blessed right now… Don’t think I’ve ever felt this driven in my life. Watch out!! πŸ˜› – 9:53 PM Feb 16th, 2010

joejonas : @ddlovato what! Awesome! – 10:49 AM Feb 17th, 2010 in reply to ddlovato

ddlovato : Perfect song to fall asleep to tonight… The Only Exception – Paramore – 11:52 PM Feb 17th, 2010

joejonas : – the new flick coming soon…. with @ddlovato – 6:12 PM Feb 19th, 2010

ddlovato : hahahahahahaha RT @joejonas:  – the new flick coming soon…. with @ddlovato – 1:12 AM Feb 20th, 2010

ddlovato : Oh Dakota… – 10:17 AM Feb 22nd, 2010

ddlovato : Gravity – Sara Bareilles – 10:53 PM Feb 25th

ddlovato : Planet Premiere of Make a Wave on Radio Disney in twenty minutes, who’s gonna listen???? – 3:40 PM Feb 26th, 2010

ddlovato : Wow, today has been such an awesome day. Got to see my brothers and CR girls.. Not to mention just had a rad day in general! – 8:50 PM Feb 26th, 2010

ddlovato : I literally could not ask for anything in my life to make me happier. I am set. I am so thankful. God is good. – 9:03 PM Feb 26th, 2010

joejonas : Just saw the Camp Rockers. missed them all. Love them all. its gonna be a fun year.. are you guys ready? – 9:19 PM Feb 26th, 2010

chloebridges : Thank you for just…. being awesome @ddlovato, @ettejnahgaem, @nickjonas, and @joejonas. I legitimately haven’t stopped smiling for hours. – 9:43 PM Feb 26th, 2010

ddlovato : 😦 – 9:43 PM Feb 28th, 2010

joejonas : @ddlovato 😦 smile πŸ™‚ – 9:56 PM Feb 28th, 2010 in reply to ddlovato

ddlovato : I love my friends/fans. You all make me smile…. πŸ™‚ (see?) #IloveyouChile – 10:24 PM Feb 28th, 2010

ddlovato : Half of My Heart – John Mayer ft. Taylor Swift – 11:01 PM Mar 1st, 2010

ddlovato : When in Rome……. think about me? – 11:45 PM Mar 1st, 2010

ddlovato : You didn’t forget.. – 11:52 PM Mar 1st, 2010

joejonas : @ddlovato. Xo – 12:39 AM Mar 2nd, 2010 – deleted tweet

joejonas : Xo. I love you all! – 12:43 AM Mar 2nd, 2010

ddlovato : “There I just said it, I’m scared you’ll forget about me.” Edge of Desire – John Mayer…. Those lyrics are so perfect.. – 1:12 PM Mar 2nd, 2010

ddlovato : Sooooo excited for the rodeo this weekend!! Houston… Are you ready?!!? πŸ˜€ – 8:45 PM Mar 3rd, 2010

joejonas : Who’s coming to the Houston Rodeo this weekend?? I am! .. we are playing with @ddlovato !! Holla! – 7:18 AM Mar 4th, 2010

ddlovato : Lucky – Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat ❀ πŸ™‚ – 2:02 PM Mar 5th, 2010

ddlovato : Can’t sleep…. way too excited for this weekend!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ – 2:53 AM Mar 6th, 2010

ddlovato : Overlap – Paramore – 10:02 AM Mar 6th, 2010

joejonas : The Only Exception- Paramore. πŸ™‚ – 1:37 PM Mar 6th, 2010

ddlovato : About to go on… Wow… The HOUSTON RODEO with @jonasbrothers… So pumped!!! – 3:53 PM Mar 7th, 2010

ddlovato : There are so many people out there…. My hearts about to burst through my chest…. I’M SO READY FOR THIS!!!! COME ON TEXAS!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ , 2010 3:55 PM Mar 7th, 2010

joejonas : Wow! Fun getting back on stage. Missed you guys so much. Can’t wait for a tour! 70,000 people rocked out! – 5:37 PM Mar 7th, 2010

justjaredjr : @joejonas & @nickjonas hanging w @ddlovato at elton john’s oscar party. Miley sitting on Liam’s lap during Grace Jones’ performance – 10:54 PM Mar 7th, 2010

justjaredjr : @joejonas said they just flew in from houston concert. @ddlovato was with them too. They all missed the oscars but r happy 4 hurt locker – 11:08 PM Mar 7th, 2010

ddlovato : Wow… Best weekend ever… For so many reasons.. For instance – I could cry.. I met Jennifer Hudson. Wow. – 1:47 AM Mar 8th, 2010

ddlovato : – The beautiful Danielle, Kevin, @nickjonas, me, and @joejonas πŸ™‚ What a crazy day.. haha – 5:32 PM Mar 8th, 2010

ddlovato : “This is the first day of my life, swear I was born right in the doorway.” – 11:47 PM Mar 9th, 2010

ddlovato : Falling asleep to “I Have and Always Will” – Dave Barnes… Such a beautiful song. Had a wonderful night. Goodnight πŸ™‚ – 12:06 AM Mar 10th, 2010

joejonas : @therealTiffany that is so awesome!! – 8:34 AM Mar 10th, 2010 in reply to therealTiffany

ddlovato : RT @therealtiffany Sooo surreal. A billboard of our show on Highland and Franklin. We are so blessed. – 8:51 AM Mar 10th, 2010

ddlovato : Find someone who finds you beautiful with no makeup while wearing sweatpants… You’ll never feel more loved. – 2:08 PM Mar 11th, 2010

ddlovato : Then – Brad Paisley – 12:14 AM Mar 12th, 2010

billybush : Another BB exclusive. Breaking young love…haha my daughter told me to ask.,,20351501,00.html – 7:57 AM Mar 13th, 2010

ddlovato : By the way… I would never lie to my fans. I love you all… and I’ve never been happier. πŸ™‚ – 1:19 PM Mar 13th, 2010

billybush : Better link…for demi Lovato and joe jonas story. Flying private…he’s a gentleman…need more of em huh? – 5:58 PM Mar 13th, 2010

JeffreeStar : @ddlovato love bug ❀ – 11:37 PM Mar 13th, 2010

SarahElizabbeth : my fav video ever!!!! it’s so darn cute… it kills me! – 11:19 AM Mar 14th, 2010

joejonas : Real girls aren’t perfect,, and perfect girls aren’t real -(Love stories (via @RevRunWisdom) amen to that! – 9:04 AM Mar 15th, 2010

PerezHilton : I embrace my inner tween and have been geeking out at the possibility of a @JoeJonas and @Ddlovato wedding in a few years. #Jemi Forever!!! – 10:00 AM Mar 15th, 2010

JakeWhetter : 1:20 mark is funny becuz ppl think Jemi are holding hands. I know the answer! πŸ˜‰ – 12:41 PM Mar 15th, 2010

KeithCarlisle : @aflorido705 I could not be happier for them! πŸ™‚ – 12:45 AM Mar 16th, 2010 in reply to aflorido705

joejonas : @olive20 @joejonas Favorite song by @ddlovato? hmm.. Did you forget πŸ™‚ – 8:42 PM Mar 16th, 2010

joejonas : @Amber_Sunset @joejonas whats ur fav Paramore song? Only exception! – 8:44 PM Mar 16th, 2010

RevRunWisdom : If u become friends first,, it’ll last.. u reeeeally dont wanna hurt ur BEST friend – 6:38 PM Mar 17th, 2010

ddlovato : Cloud nineTEEN!!! πŸ˜€ – about 13 hours ago, 2010

ddlovato : Cloud nineTEEN!!! πŸ˜€ – about 13 hours ago, – 7:18 PM Mar 18th, 2010

ChristayyCenter : Oh hey joe jonas and demi lovato. Sup? Ps i have the worlds greatest balance. New found glory rules! πŸ™‚ – 10:22 PM Mar 18th, 2010



DiegoUbierna : para los que tenian dudas sobre el rumor de joe jonas y demi cierto! AYER LOS VIMOS BIEN APACHURRADOS Y DANDOSE PIQUITOS! – 21h ago, 2010

officialjman : was supposed to meet up with @joejonas and @ddlovato for dinner tonight stuck in Toronto sick..@caliakasarah have a good time – 6:20 PM Mar 20th, 2010

ddlovato : Incredible night. i have the most amazing people in my life… so blessed. Wow. πŸ™‚ – 2:18 AM Mar 21st, 2010

joejonas : Goodmorning! Goodluck to everyone in the L.A. Marathon! Last night was alot of fun hanging with the C.R. cast. Missed you guys! Inside jokes for days now! – 10:00 AM Mar 21st, 2010

thattwinmelissa : @joejonas you and @ddlovato looked really happy last night πŸ™‚ i’m happy for you two. – 10:04 AM Mar 21st, 2010

ddlovato : Saw a shooting star tonight. Didn’t know what to wish for because I couldn’t ask for more. πŸ™‚ Anyone else see it? – 10:23 PM Mar 21st, 2010

ddlovato : Cannot stop listening to Listen Close by maylene. Time for sleep! Goodnight world. – 10:28 PM Mar 21st, 2010

ddlovato : Good morning! Am I really singing with @joejonas on American Idol tonight? Wow… talk about surreal!! – 7:27 AM Mar 24th, 2010

joejonas : Goodmorning!!! American Idol tonight with @ddlovato πŸ™‚ you gonna watch??? πŸ™‚ – 8:13 AM Mar 24th, 2010

ddlovato: Ahhhh on my way to American Idol….. so excited!!!! πŸ˜€ – 12:44 PM Mar 24th, 2010

joeyrubino : So I was thinking … @joejonas & @ddlovato = jemi … Why not call then .. Demoe … Thoughts ??? – 6:00 PM Mar 24th, 2010

ddlovato : What an incredible day… Thanks to everyone who tuned in to American Idol tonight!!! πŸ™‚ – 10:05 PM Mar 24th, 2010

nickjonas : Great day so proud of @joejonas and @ddlovato. Love you guys! Goodnight everyone! – 11:29 PM Mar 24th, 2010

joejonas : Hello sunrise! Thanks to everyone who watched American Idol last night! @ddlovato and I had a great time… Bummer I won’t make it to the next round.. – 6:03 AM Mar 25th, 2010

OMJFacts : Joe Jonas gave Demi Lovato a stuffed animal unicorn! aww! #OMJFacts – 3:22 PM Mar 25th, 2010

OMJFacts : The Jonas Brothers love Demi Lovato’s laugh. #OMJFacts – 11:03 PM Mar 26th, 2010

OMJFacts : “Fine then, take you banana” is an inside joke that Demi and the Jonas Brothers have. #OMJFacts – 11:15 PM Mar 26th, 2010

joejonas : Life is a blessing. Enjoy it. Think of today. Goals for the future. You are writing your own autobiography.. Make it great. – 11:50 AM Mar 27th, 2010

thattwinmelissa : @ddlovato and @joejonas arrived together holding hands. – 2:56 PM Mar 27th, 2010

DisneyStarFacts : Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato arrived holding hands. – 3:10 PM Mar 27th, 2010

OMJFacts : Joe Jonas dressed up as “Troy” and Demi Lovato as “Gabriela” from High School Musical in 2007. #OMJFacts – 10:13 PM Mar 28th, 2010

PapaJonas : @ddlovato Thrilled for you. More people will know how truly special you are – 6:17 AM Mar 29th, 2010

paulhoen : So excited to see @ddlovato at Jonas yesterday – 1:49 PM Mar 31st, 2010

katedangerous : Eating lunch with @jonasbrothers, @honorsociety, @ddlovato and a bunch more that I can’t fit into this tweet but its still really exciting!! –  1:00 PM Apr 3rd, 2010

ddlovato : Driving around, dancing like fools, trying to make as many people to smile as we can. Perfect Saturday afternoon. – 5:46 PM Apr 3rd, 2010

whoariley : uh Demi & Joe just kissed!! –  8:04 PM Apr 3rd, 2010

whoariley : @DangaMrPrezK2xo it was just a quick kiss. really cute. really nauseating. in reply to DangaMrPrezK2xo – 9:41 PM Apr 3rd, 2010

whoariley : @jemihearts they were really cute. where it was like “are you forreal?” they looked really happy :] in reply to jemihearts – 10:09 PM Apr 3rd, 2010

whoariley : @jemihearts yeah aha. at first they were just standing around then they were playing & dancing. then Joe put his arm around her neck ❀ in reply to jemihearts – 4:23 AM Apr 4th, 2010

m_callahan : – cutest couple award? – 7:51 AM Apr 4th, 2010

joejonas : πŸ™‚ My awesome director @ericdeanseaton is letting me go barefoot in this next scene for Sonny!! #hardwithoutshoes (via @ddlovato) – 10:55 AM Apr 8th, 2010

thattwinmelissa : @joejonas not polite to make out 7:33 PM Apr 9th, 2010

Sarah09baby : Omg joe is at the sonny with a chance taping insaw them kiss he also interrupted a scenen demi got all fluttered ha 8:35 PM Apr 9th, 2010

thattwinmelissa : Just got home from swac and yes @joejonas was on set supporting his gf @ddlovato 9:41 PM Apr 9th, 2010

miaturner : Joe was there tonight too!! πŸ™‚ Demi was so thrilled to see him. It was so cute. 10:30 PM Apr 9th, 2010

miaturner : @franciinii The Jemi was so sweet xD She was way excited to see him – 10:50 PM Apr 9th, 2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  franciinii

miaturner : @franciinii Totally πŸ™‚ She was all giddy. And everyone in the audience screeeamed xD – 10:52 PM Apr 9th, 2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  franciinii

Derek_Bloom : Had a great time at Sonny with A Chance! Joe Jonas showed up and started kissing Demi haha. – 11:14 PM Apr 9th, 2010

miaturner : @standoutxx Thank you so much!! πŸ™‚ The Jemi was great. Demi lit up when Joe came in. – 11:26 PM Apr 9th, 2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  standoutxx

miaturner : @danja_87 Thank you!! πŸ™‚ Joe was excited too. They were adorable – 11:29 PM Apr 9th,2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  danja_87

miaturner : @JemiNinja It was SO cute πŸ™‚ They were so thrilled to see each other. And Thank you for the b-day wish!! πŸ™‚ – 11:29 PM Apr 9th, en rΓ©ponse Γ  JemiNinja

miaturner : @hazelann24 LOL no, that is NOT true xD They hugged and that was it – 11:31 PM Apr 9th,2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  hazelann24

miaturner : @hazelann24 I will tomorrow, promise πŸ™‚ And no, Joe didn’t stay for the whole thing 😦 – 11:38 PM Apr 9th, 2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  hazelann24

miaturner : @hazelann24 He stopped by and surprised her by taking the place of one of the actors πŸ˜› – 11:40 PM Apr 9th, 2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  hazelann24

miaturner : @danja_87 They were smiley and they hugged xD Demi was really surprised and happy – 11:41 PM Apr 9th, 2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  danja_87

miaturner : @hazelann24 She looked really surprised and he was happy πŸ™‚ – 11:43 PM Apr 9th, 2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  hazelann24

miaturner : @hazelann24 It’s totally real πŸ™‚ Can’t fake that joy she had on her face – 11:45 PM Apr 9th, 2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  hazelann24

miaturner : @hazelann24 They didn’t make out πŸ˜› If they did, it wasn’t on set. He came and said hi and then left. – 11:48 PM Apr 9th, 2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  hazelann24

miaturner : @hazelann24 He came in wearing the other actor’s fraternity jacket πŸ˜› – 11:59 PM Apr 9th, 2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  hazelann24

miaturner : @hazelann24 No D; But it was still cute πŸ˜€ – 12:00 AM Apr 10th, 2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  hazelann24

miaturner : @danja_87 Oh, totally πŸ˜› He didn’t stay long but they both looked so happy – 12:07 AM Apr 10th, 2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  danja_87

miaturner : @x__OhSoJovato He took one of the guest star’s jackets and walked in, pretending to be him πŸ˜› – 12:13 AM Apr 10th, 2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  x__OhSoJovato

miaturner : @x__OhSoJovato I don’t think so because she looked REALLY surprised πŸ™‚ – 12:15 AM Apr 10th, 2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  x__OhSoJovato

miaturner : @x__OhSoJovato She looked shocked and then she looked really excited xD – 12:16 AM Apr 10th, 2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  x__OhSoJovato

miaturner : @jemisdarealdeal She sat at the table and laughed and he came over to hug her and Doug xD It was so sweet – 12:18 AM Apr 10th, 2010 en rΓ©ponse Γ  jemisdarealdeal

miaturner : Morning! πŸ˜› Yes to all my new replies, Joe was there πŸ˜› They didn’t kiss. Demi just looked surprised and happy and they hugged πŸ˜› – 7:32 AM Apr 10th, 2010

thattwinmelissa : @solovatolicious she wasn’t expecting him to be on set because she thought he was still in cabo but he showed up and tricked her lol – 11:15 AM Apr 10th, 2010

miaturner : So here’s how the taping went down, all πŸ™‚ First off, a little background about me. I’m a hardcore Sonny With a (cont) – 11:58 AM Apr 10th, 2010

joejonas : Ha! πŸ™‚ Tonight I laughed so hard I threw up…… I guess there’s a first for everything! (via @ddlovato) – 11:14 PM Apr 10th, 2010

joejonas : Goodnight friends. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ z z Z Z Z z z Z Z Z z … – 2:37 AM Apr 11th, 2010

ddlovato : Mmmm…. Vegetable soup. – 8:26 PM Apr 12th, 2010

ddlovato : If Only They Knew – A Rocket To The Moon – 4:07 PM Apr 13th, 2010

Anna Oliver Formspring : Q=Hey Anna! What’s up? I’m from Brazil, and I wanna know, what you think about Joe and Demi relationship? Love you! A=I think that they are wonderful, and i love them both to death! πŸ™‚ – 12:55 PM Apr 16th, 2010

Anna Oliver Formspring : Q=can you describe joe when he’s around demi and you? A=funniest guy ever!

ddlovato : Off to work… Jamming to some mayer. Only Heart – John Mayer – 9:55 AM Apr 18th, 2010

ddlovato : Especially women.. It’s so dangerous for her. Please #DontIgnoreThePoor.. And take time out of your day to recognize the blessings you have. – 10:41 PM Apr 18th, 2010

joejonas : πŸ™‚ I’m thankful for what I have. – 12:05 AM Apr 19th, 2010

joejonas : Getting into Christmas Spirit. πŸ˜› huh? – 6:34 AM Apr 20th, 2010

ddlovato : RIP grandpa.. I love you so much. You will be missed… You are my sunshine.. – 6:56 PM Apr 20th, 2010

joejonas : #RIPGrandpaLovato – 7:45 PM Apr 20th, 2010

joejonas : Haha!! #JonasINSIDEJoke  “Fine take your banana!” :p (via @HeyJonasFreak) – 6:59 PM Apr 21st, 2010

ddlovato : Everything – Lifehouse – 9:13 PM Apr 21st, 2010

CaliakaSarah : Had fun last night with my sisters @ddlovato @TheDallasLovato and kool peeps miley and @joejonas – 2:34 PM Apr 22nd, 2010

debimazar : At a taping of Demi Lovato’s tv show with my kids.Joe Jonas is performing as well.surrounded by screaming tweens.I need a audience (Now deleted)

banginboo : great shoot with demi and joe today, their duet is beautiful and the so random special is going to be a lot of fun to promote. – 7:54 PM Apr 22nd, 2010

alanbsacks : @debimazar Demi and Joe. You are definitely in right place. – 9:32 PM Apr 22nd, 2010

joejonas : It’s true that we don’t know what we’ve got until we lose it, but it’s also true that we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it arrives. – 11:07 AM Apr 23rd, 2010

ang_miller : @joejonas so true… This is how I feel about @joshpmiller. πŸ™‚ – 11:15 AM Apr 23rd, 2010

ddlovato : πŸ˜€ – 11:19 AM Apr 23rd, 2010

TheDebbyRyan : Well, today was rad. It’s always interesting to get to know people in a different light. Making waves. 7:03 PM Apr 24th, 2010

joejonas : Woahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! – 3:45 PM Apr 25th, 2010

ddlovato : Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! – 3:45 PM Apr 25th

joejonas : RT @ddlovato Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

ddlovato : RT @joejonas Woahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

ddlovato : “SO.. MUCH… MORE… AWESOME!!!!!!!” – 8:42 PM Apr 25th, 2010

joejonas : SO MUCH MORE AWESOME!!!!!!! – 8:42 PM Apr 25th, 2010

joejonas : What some pixie dust?? Sure! How long is it gonna take?? Like a minute? – 8:45 PM Apr 25th, 2010

ddlovato : I laughed so hard I cried 4 times today. Today was the best ever.. Ever ever ever. – 9:09 PM Apr 25th

ddlovato : I still have glitter in my hair….. – 5:00 PM Apr 26th

MNMachado : @ddlovato so does @joejonas! – 5:10 PM Apr 26th, 2010

PapaJonas : @ilovedemijoe Don’t Forget and Catch me – 8:31 PM Apr 26th, 2010

joejonas : Are you excited about the summer tour? Let us know!!! #jonastour2010 /via @ddlovato – 12:12 PM Apr 27th, 2010

amycola_ : Jemi just walked past me in the airport…. Cool. – 9:33 PM Apr 30th, 2010

ddlovato : Hi I love you. – 10:24 PM Apr 30th, 2010

joejonas : Watched my Forster movie on my ipad.. The movie was good – 3:34 AM May 1st, 2010

ddlovato : Good morning DC!!! πŸ™‚ So thankful to be here.. –  7:12 AM May 1st, 2010

ddlovato : Btw- Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs… Highly underestimated movie, possibly one of my favorite movies ever! So good! –  7:16 AM May 1st, 2010

ddlovato : Excited for dinner at the White House tonight!! Woo hoo! What up Obama?! – 12:59 PM May 1st, 2010

KiddKraddick : Demi spotted ME! I was lost of course. She said, “say hi to my bf, Joe.” Love her – 5:46 PM May 1st, 2010

TheJonasSource : oh btw joe looked XTREMLYYYY hot he wasnt holding demis hand but he was holding her arm or something 8:51 PM May 1st, 2010

joejonas : That’s right!! @joejonas and the OB… Nbd. /via @ddlovato – 9:56 PM May 1st, 2010

joejonas : ZACH GALIFIANKIS!!!! His face would come out blurry. haha.. joejonas, @jessicaalba, @cash_warren… /via @ddlovato – 9:57 PM May 1st, 2010

joejonas : Yooo!! @joejonas and @nickjonas being BLIND SIDED with a choke hold.. πŸ˜‰  /via @ddlovato – 9:57 PM May 1st, 2010

GovernorPerry : With @ddlovato @nickjonas @joejonas in Georgetown for WHCA dinner. – 9:54 AM May 2nd, 2010

ddlovato : “Oh man, look at that, we look awesome!” – @governorperry hahaha so awesome! – 10:04 AM May 2nd, 2010

ddlovato : This weekend was amazing.. So thankful! – 1:16 PM May 2nd, 2010

joejonas : Lots of running today. Lots of coffee. Lots of … Love… – 7:54 AM May 4th, 2010

joejonas : Love for you – 7:55 AM May 4th, 2010

xxMichellex3 : JEMI! – 9:06 PM May 6th, 2010

thattwinmelissa : Joe stop making out with your gf.! – 9:39 PM May 6th, 2010

xxMichellex3 : Im in the precense of jemi. O_o – 9:41 PM May 6th, 2010

xxMichellex3 : Joe was staring at us taking a picture of demi. Ahhhhhh. πŸ™‚ im so fucking stoked. – 10:02 PM May 6th, 2010

thattwinmelissa : @joejonas @ddlovato lovebirds πŸ™‚ – 10:06 PM May 6th, 2010

NicoleCamarae : Omg You’d die. Joe and demi are cuddling and stuff RIGHT in front of me. – 10:07 PM May 6th

MarissaRodas : joe and demi are walking on the beach….. – 10:07 PM May 6th

MarissaRodas : im at the jonas taping at the beach and demi is here… for those of you wondering… they were taking pictures together – 10:49 PM May 6th, 2010

MarissaRodas : sorry its blurry ut here is a jemi pic… they are the one in black and silver… they are hugging – 11:04 PM May 6th, 2010

thattwinmelissa : reading all my @ replies and for all you jemi fans i’m sorry i couldn’t get a pic b/c my phone doesn’t ave a camera but she was on set πŸ™‚ – 1:28 AM May 7th, 2010

thattwinmelissa : and for all of you wondering what they were doing, they were holding hands during a quick break and walking along the beach taking pictures. – 1:30 AM May 7th, 2010

j3ssucka : I had a bad dream that I saw the guy I like, kissing his girlfrind on the beach…Oh, wait. That wasn’t a dream. – 10:32 AM May 7th, 2010

joejonas : @maddielovesyou1  maddison! I love You! You rock! – 10:20 PM May 8th, 2010

maddielovesyou1 : @joejonas Love you too!! YOU ROCK TOO!!! PUFFLE FIGHT!! OH, AND CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS!! – 10:24 PM May 8th, 2010

ddlovato : Always Where I Need To Be – The Kooks… It’s a ‘Kooks’ kind of day.. πŸ™‚ – 2:17 PM May 9th, 2010

ddlovato : When You Got a Good Thing – Lady Antebellum – 4:18 PM May 9th, 2010

ddlovato : The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot – Brand New – 4:21 PM May 11th, 2010

ddlovato : Listening to brad paisley and lady antebellum.. Feeling super homesick.. I need you Texas. – 1:57 PM May 12th, 2010

ddlovato : American Honey – Lady Antebellum – 2:03 PM May 12th, 2010

Chlod5 : Rehearsal with Jonas brothers and Demi Lovato!! Let’s goooooo!! – 6:07 PM May 12th, 2010

Jessicaveronica : Ran into @Joejonas and @ddlovato randomly today while watching @Smashingpumpkin ‘s rehearsal in studio. #Onlyinhollywood 12:33 AM May 13th, 2010

RT @JoeJonas : RT @IlianaTS I got in trouble for asking my teacher to put on GMA so that I can see @joejonas and @ddlovato , lol the things I do for you guyss(: – 5:59 AM May 13th, 2010

@PapaJonas : Don’t forget to watch Demi tonight on GRey’s Anatomy! – 5:42 PM May 13th, 2010

@joejonas : What should I have for brunch.. Hmm. – 11:42 AM May 14th, 2010

@officialjman : @joejonas Graham Crackers lol 11:58 AM May 14th, 2010

@ddlovato : @officialjman hahahahahhahaha graaahhrammzzza crackkerrrzzz! 12:32 PM May 14th, 2010

@ddlovato : Need You Now – Lady Antebellum – 1:37 PM May 14th, 2010

@qntnaaron : @ddlovato lol! I am ain’t I… I’m at the airport in LA finally back I gotta say I’m loving the nice weather – 1:49 PM May 14th, 2010

@JoeJonas : @qntnaaron Yo! Sorry took me so long to follow u 2:21 PM May 14th, 2010 in reply to Quinton_Aaron

@ddlovato : Forever – Rascal Flatts – 11:09 PM May 14th, 2010

@ddlovato : Gravity – Sara Bareilles – 11:17 PM May 14th,2010

@ddlovato : “I think I’ll sleep in my clothes on the floor” Edge of Desire – John Mayer – 11:19 PM May 14th, 2010

@ddlovato : Sleepy* ……. Eph. Em. El. – 12:06 AM May 15th, 2010

@ddlovato : 😦 – 3:10 AM May 15th, 2010

@rosariodawson : @ddlovato “Working Girl” is on cinemax e channel 515 if you want some insane hair therapy to get you over your breaking night blues – 3:33 AM May 15th, 2010

@ddlovato : You’ll never get through life if you’re always depending on someone. Power through your loneliness and watch how strong you become.. – 4:13 AM May 15th, 2010

@JoeJonas : Fader- the temper trap – 7:01 PM May 17th, 2010

@ddlovato : Poison Oak – Bright Eyes – 8:31 PM May 17th, 2010

@ddlovato : Insanely inspired.. Excited to make things happen. Remember only YOU are in control of your dreams coming true.

@ddlovato : @PerezHilton whaaaatttt? Come on Herez Pilton, are you crazy!? Jick nonas RULES!!!! – 11:02 PM May 17th, 2010

@ddlovato : “I’m always swimming against the flow of the tide, kissing the life into something that’s already died..” – 11:13 PM May 17th, 2010

@ddlovato : “..I’ll dive into the river and flow.” Flow – Transister … One of my all time favorite songs. – 11:14 PM May 17th, 2010

@ddlovato : Jick Nonas wins. – 11:18 PM May 17th, 2010

@ddlovato : Rumors and lies are called RUMORS and LIES for a reason. – 11:28 PM May 17th, 2010

@ddlovato : They build you up to break you down… Only if you let them. Build me up and watch me keep climbing.. πŸ˜‰ – 11:34 PM May 17th, 2010

@LishaKatherine : Reunited w/@ddlovato and it is amazing πŸ™‚ listening to her do interviews then going to a show and dinner tonight! – 11:40 AM May 18th, 2010

@justjaredjr : We saw Camp Rock 2 earlier today! JEMI fans won’t be disappointed!!! @joejonas @ddlovato – 1:15 PM May 18th, 2010

@joejonas : Enjoying a nice dinner with the family. And brahms.. Miss you brahms (@johnlloydtaylor). – 6:47 PM May 18th, 2010

@LishaKatherine : Round two of in the heights- it was still amazing, now off to grub w/@ddlovato and her entourage – 6:53 PM May 18th, 2010

@ddlovato : “Laughter is the key to all medicine…. Wait…..” – 11:48 PM May 18th, 2010

@ddlovato : “The show must go on.” – 12:35 AM May 19th, 2010

@ddlovato : Warning Sign – Coldplay – 10:21 AM May 19th, 2010

@ddlovato : Blind – Ke$ha …….. πŸ˜‰ – 10:23 AM May 19th, 2010

@ddlovato : If you ask me, I’m ready. – 8:00 AM May 20th, 2010

@ddlovato : It’s from an alicia keys song… haha.. wow, some of you read way too much into things. – 8:03 AM May 20th, 2010

@ddlovato : Teenager – Hayley Williams… – 8:42 PM May 20th, 2010

@ddlovato : I can’t be changed, I can’t be tamed.. – 2:00 AM May 21st, 2010

@ddlovato : The Ladder – Andrew Belle… #morningjams – 2:05 AM May 21st, 2010

@J14magazine : There was SO much chemistry between Joe and Demi β€” he even comforted her when she messed up a song during sound check! – 1:51 PM May 21st, 2010

@ddlovato : Music is my band aid. It heals everything for me. – 6:20 PM May 21st, 2010

@ddlovato : After the week I’ve had, I can PROMISE you I will KILL this show tonight… Get ready for one intense concert. – 11:14 AM May 23rd, 2010

@ddlovato : There are so many crazy rumors flying around today. I’d like to clear a few things up. First, Joe and I did split but it wasn’t over the phone. Things didn’t work out but we’ll remain friends. Secondly, I am NOT dating anybody already. Nothing is more important to me than the relationship I have with my fans.. Just thought you guys should know this. – 5:42 PM May 24th, 2010

@joejonas : I love my fans :^) – 11:32 PM May 24th, 2010

@ddlovato : Infatuation – Christina Aguilera – 4:51 AM May 26th, 2010

@ddlovato : Piece of Me – Britney Spears. #SOML hahaha – 9:31 PM May 28th, 2010

@ddlovato : Ladies, NEVER sign a pre-nup. It just shows that the opposite sex doesn’t expect you to last. – 11:46 PM May 28th, 2010

@jeminewsweb : If that  is true I find it ironic how Demi sorta credited fans for their relationship & Joe is “blaming” them for the break –  4:38 PM May 30th, 2010

@ddlovato : “I can’t believe I’m the only person in this house with a boyfriend… That’s just wrong.” – @maddielovesyou1  hahahahahaha dying of laughter – 6:57 PM May 31st, 2010

@ddlovato : Because of You – Kelly Clarkson (on repeat) Goodnight world. Hope you all had a wonderful day. – 11:40 PM Jun 20th, 2010

@ddlovato : Writing a new song………. uh oh… – 12:51 PM Jun 22nd, 2010

@ddlovato : Virtual hug for my fans cause I could use a hug right now. ❀ you guys! – 5:52 PM Jun 24th, 2010

@Leeeeeona @ddlovato Ok so this is bugging me…you tweeted earlier this year that you were “the happiest you’ve ever been” πŸ™‚ are you still? xx – 9:16 AM Jun 25th, 2010

@ddlovato : @Leeeeeona nope…. Happier. πŸ™‚ – 9:21 AM Jun 25th, 2010

@ddlovato : Take Me There – Rascal Flatts – 9:51 AM Jun 26th, 2010

@ddlovato : Sleep – Azure Ray – 11:20 PM Jun 27th, 2010

@ddlovato : Assassin – John Mayer #stillobsessedwiththissong – 10:15 AM Jun 29th, 2010

@ddlovato : Power through it…. – 8:08 PM Jul 1st, 2010

@ddlovato : Permanent December – Miley Cyrus on repeat – 11:44 AM Jul 14th, 2010

@ddlovato : Love This Pain – Lady Antebellum – 10:19 AM Jul 17th, 2010

@ddlovato : Listening to Lady Antebellum. ‘Ready To Love Again’ and ‘If I Knew Then’ are so incredible.. beautiful lyrics, beautiful songs. – 10:28 AM Jul 17th, 2010

@ddlovato : Teach U a Lesson – Robin Thicke – ,2010

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