Jennifer Stone dishes on JEMI

Here’s what she had to say :

The Texas native also confesses that she “did know” that Joe and Demi were dating before Demi blabbed to the media, and calls the newly minted couple “good for each other.” “They’re both into music and they’re both good friends,” she told us. “They make a good pair whether they’re just friends or something more.” In fact, the “mildly addicted to Twitter” actress thinks dating your BFF is a good idea for any teen. “I think the best relationships stem from friendships. I think it’s   a fantastic idea for you to be friends first with a guy and just be yourself, enjoy his company, and then if it turns into something more, it’s probably better that way.”


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One Response to “Jennifer Stone dishes on JEMI”

  1. jemi4ever Says:

    Wow so even someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time with Joe or Demi knew that they were perfect for each other. I agree with her statement that best friends make the best kinds of couples.

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