JEMI moments KCA

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5 Responses to “JEMI moments KCA”

  1. jemi4ever Says:

    They are too freaking cute

  2. Karmella Says:

    im crying while watching this.FINALLY ive been waiting 3 years for this to happened and ive always believe that it would !

    next thing we know it in a couple of years were gonna see the video of there wedding!

    • JEMI FOREVER Says:

      Can’t agree more with u. I’m crying too, 3 years of waiting is not in vain. JEMI<3. Can't wait to see their kids. LOL

  3. ck Says:

    they’re super cute and sweet!

    Nick looks a little out of place with that seating arrangement, lol

  4. jemi love2010 Says:

    i love ya jemi 4ever!!!
    your the best love team ever!!
    i wish one day i woke up in the morning jemi gets married already!!!
    go jemi more power!!!
    get a strong relationship!!!
    more project to come!!!
    love your each other!!!

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