Demi & JB go bowling

From Sarah’s Twitter :

Just left bowling,my high score was 138.Oh, and I got my lane, started bowling and noticed I was a couple lanes down from Nick, Joe and Demi

It was apparently after she had yogurt and painted her face with her friends. But that’s not for sure.

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3 Responses to “Demi & JB go bowling”

  1. blak4ever Says:

    awww… awesome!! I love all the pics we’ve been getting lately.. I’m super suprised my computer and phone haven’t crashed completely yet… haha.. Ok, I thought she did the face painting after they went bowling. Cause she just posted the pics.. hmm.. So great how they are spending as much time together before she goes on her South american tour.. Gorgegous!!

  2. Jemifan08357 Says:

    that stalker girl sarah REALLY creeps me out.She goes everywhere with them.But I do wish there were pics of them actually bowling 😦

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