Jemi coming out of…

Joe’s house in Los Feliz? (UPDATE : It WAS his house, see here)

After  brunch, before Demi painting her face and Yogurt, before bowling.

Maybe he’s taking his girl home so she can change?

Smile girl! And what in the world happened to her legs? – I shouldn’t talk, mine look basically the same – except not as smooth ah ah

Credit demilovatodaily and

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8 Responses to “Jemi coming out of…”

  1. Holly Says:

    I think this is Demi’s house.

  2. lovebirds Says:

    I think Demi recently has a hard time because of someone/something, I just can’t figure out why…It has obviously nothing to do with Joe, I think he supports her in the best way, but something upsets her, and I have a feeling that it’s whether her dad or maybe there really is a problem with Kevin…who knows..

    • TeamJemi Says:

      what ? why ? problem with Kevin ? I dont get it 😦
      and i dont see any thing about her legs .

      • jeminews Says:

        Idk some ppl say Kevin doesn’t like her but to me it’s untrue.
        Click on the pics to make them bigger. Her legs are quite bruised and there is a bandaid in her knee.

    • Andrea Says:

      i don´t think so, at the kids choice awards kevin was smiling and teasing Jemi on the orange carpet, demi isn´t smiling because she doesn´t want to, you don´t have to be all the time wiht a smile upon your face

  3. angelofberlin Says:

    i think she had a bad day, everbody knows this days, that´s all

  4. Lauren Says:

    Yh its probablly her time of THE month if u all get what i mean

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