Demi Lovato E! News

Credit GossipFasho

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5 Responses to “Demi Lovato E! News”

  1. kimyanc Says:

    you are just fantastic…love your site…thanks for everthing i’m following you on twitter, I’m addicted to all you

    goodnight and thanks:D

  2. Lauren Says:

    Ur site is incredible the photos here I don’t find anywhere else I also follow u on Twitter and I am on this site almost 24/7 you need to keep up the good work cause it’s better than all the other sites like oceanup and justjared jr etc .

    • jeminews Says:

      Wow thank you so so much! I’m loving you right now! Seriously, that comment just made my morning. Honestly it means a lot. I get close to 5000 views on a slow day and 20 000 otherwise but I’m lucky if I even get one comment so really, thank you.
      I’m glad you love the site, I’m new at this thing so I’m still getting the hang of it lol
      I actually originally created it for me because I couldn’t find a good Jemi site that posted everything and was up to date but now it’s become so much more and I try to keep it relevant as much as possible.
      Feels good to know people actually appreciate the work I put into it.
      Plus us Jemi fans got to stick together 😀

  3. kimyanc Says:

    your tweet just made my day:D thanks..I really do love this site…all new photos videos, and you really stick believing in Jemi that is just amazing…i’m a litle bit sad with some people on jemistry that just decide to doubt on jemi:(
    I will always believe in these two no matter what… I trust in love…
    my two new passions are jemi and teaching I love my life LOL
    and of course this blog:D

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