Joe Jonas Talks About Jemi!

Didn’t he say to Ryan Seacrest that they always figured it would happen..

UPDATE : Ok, after watching it back, I think what he meant was that what was unexpected was the fans reaction. The fact that people are going mental and are rooting for them.

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8 Responses to “Joe Jonas Talks About Jemi!”

  1. Mahh Says:

    I love it when Joe says “unexpected” and nick turns his head and is like: “WTF??” haha
    SURE it was unexpected ¬¬

  2. lovesJEMI Says:

    i know what you mean, but i think maybe he mean unexpected like maybe he didnt really think/sure was gonna happen.. BUT AS LONG AS it did we are all happy! lol im glad all 3 of them smile though, seems like they are all happy!

    oh great blog by the way i check it religiously!

  3. Jemi Fan Says:

    That kinda pisses me off. He said they’d always knew it would happen and now he’s changing up his story. smh. maybe it just popped into his head.

  4. Mahh Says:

    I think you are right!! I watched it back and she was talking about people rooting for them since Camp Rock so maybe he was also talking about that.

    And honestly the “unexpected” makes more sense that way because like..seriously….they dating was a “good EXpection” lol

  5. lovesJEMI Says:

    yea ur right! you have to listen to it carefully, he is talking about how unexpected the fans reacted! you guys are smart lol

  6. daisyx Says:

    i watched it once and knew straight away that he meant it was unexpected that there feelings for eachother were so strong that they became bf anf gf kinda like saying u know they didnt really see themselves as a couple cause they were so used to hideing their feelings and being bffs

    thats what i think anyways

  7. Jenny Says:

    Ever since he started dating Demi I’ve noticed he’s kind of glowing =) You can really see how inlove and happy he is. It’s a beautiful thing 🙂

    Awesome site btw, I love it! 😉

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