Going/Leaving the Jonas house + Disneyland

First Joe arrives at his parents’ house

While Demi hangs with Miley

Then Demi joins a barefoot Joe who’s waiting for her outside at the Jonas’ house

And they go inside

Then they leave together to support Kevin for DisneyLand with Joe now wearing shoes and jeans

At DisneyLand

And bumping into old pal Malese Jow who then tweeted : “Just ran into @joejonas and @ddlovato at Dland. It’s a small world! ๐Ÿ˜‰ California Adventure time!”

Here Joe hugging Malese’s sister. Malese in the background.

Here are all the pics.

Pics thx JustJaredJr & joejonasphotos

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8 Responses to “Going/Leaving the Jonas house + Disneyland”

  1. blak4ever Says:

    Awesome.. thanks for doing that.. you rock! and the ring demi is wearing on her finger, to me it looks like she arrived wearing the ring.

    • jeminews Says:

      What do you mean about the ring? I didn’t know there was ever debate about that lol. I don’t really believe this promise ring rumour anyway.

  2. liora Says:

    That’s great thanks but I actually don’t think they went to support Kevin , they didn’t have time to spend the day in Disney and then go plus we didn’t saw any pics of them with Nick , Nicole and Frankie that’s weird no ?

    • jeminews Says:

      I don’t know. That’s what JJJ said and they’re usually reliable source. I don’t where the tapping actually was, maybe it’s near DisneyLand and they might have gone just for a couple ride. I figured since they were all tweeting at the same time about Kevin at the end, Nicole, Danielle, Joe & Demi. I think it’s very possible that they did both.

    • jeminews Says:

      And if they went together on their own, and to DisneyLand first, it’s normal there aren’t pics of all of them together.

  3. kimyanc Says:

    they went there support kevin for a while then they went to disney has a date I think, and I totally agree with your timeline.. that’s what happen..lol
    thanks for all your work..u are awesome

  4. liora Says:

    See I was right but anyways it doesn’t matter . I think they probably saw Kevin at the Jonas house , all the Jonas family love Demi and so does she and Joe and Demi are so happy !!!

    This site is amazing BTW !! Amazing job !

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