White House Correspondents’ Dinner

“The Jonas Brothers were at the Garden Brunch this morning, and USA Today reported that Demi Lovato was holding hands with Joe Jonas non-stop for the entire party. Those kids are so cute!

You got that right!

White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Joe and Demi at Vanity Fair/Bloomberg party

KiddKraddick : Demi spotted ME! I was lost of course. She said, “say hi to my bf, Joe.” Love her

@DDLovato : “Let’s all point at the president!!!!” – THE Tracy Morgan.. Hahaha YES!!!

Live coverage from the Garden Brunch here. JB+Demi appear at around 43min. They stay on the screen for quite some time.

Pics from joejonasphotos & jonasonline & @DDLovato

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15 Responses to “White House Correspondents’ Dinner”

  1. liora Says:

    They are stunning , so beautiful and happy !! THey already look like a married couple πŸ™‚
    I hope we’ll get more pics soon though

  2. Maria Says:

    Demi looked gorgeous, Joe looked handsome, and you totally rock! Awesome update!

  3. liora Says:

    THanks for updating !! I definitely think the diamond ring is a promise ring Joe gave her . Honestly , it ‘s not the kind of ring she’s wearing usually and now she’s always wearing it plus it totally looks like an engagement/promise kind of ring which means they really are serious . That’s amazing , I’m so happy for them .

  4. kimyanc Says:

    could they be more perfect for each other:) God they look so adorable

    One more time I really have to tthank you, you are amazing LOVE all the pics..it looks like a fary tale, like demi the pricess

    And the ring?????????? …..I fainth LOLOL

  5. liora Says:

    Where are the new pics where she’s in the white dress from ?

  6. ArbeluvsJemi Says:

    AWWWWWW… Joe and Demi are sooo cute together!!! their the perfect couple.. soo cutee Hope they end up like Kevin and Danielle getting married.. lolz i mean Kevin and Danielle has been friends in a long time then they dated and now here they are happily married lolz same with JEMI! theve been friends for soo long and like joe said their taking the next step and their having a lot of fun!! their totally ganna end up like Kevin and Danielle getting married..lolz and when i hope that Joe would give her a promise ring like wat ive read on the news. lolz cant wait till JEMI GET MARRIED!!!! i love u guys!!! ❀

  7. liora Says:

    I just saw it , thanks . THey look gorgeous !

  8. jemi4ever Says:

    Demi looks like a goddess in her long gown.


    Thanks so much! Oh! my JEMI <333 Awww

  10. buyticketsite Says:

    joe and Demi look sooooooo beautiful, and glamoures, at the vanity fair
    party. Thank you for the pictures.

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