Meeting JB&Demi


Before I even start off, I’m going to say that Nick was in a different car.  And we were all freaking out over the fact that we met them; and kinda forgot about the other car.  So yeah, that’s why he isnt in any of the pictures):


We did the JDRF walk at around 10:10 and finished at about 11:00.  After that, we thought it’d be cool to drive to George Town and stop by the hotel JB always stays at.  When we got there, we lied and said we were waiting for a friend, ut the guys working there knew we were waiting for JB.  TWO GROWN MEN looked us RIGHT in the eye’s and said “They packed their bags, loaded them into a car, took pictures with some fans, and left about an hour ago.”   We were pretty sad, but didn’t know if we could believe them or not.  After that Maryclaire saw a tweet about them being at the Smithsonian.  So we let from George Town and went there.  Turns out them and Demi were there; but ended up leaving.  We were around the Smithsonian from about…tweleve to….three?  Yeah, three.  Hungry, tired, and pissed off, we were going to leave.  But, beforewe did, Maryclaire saw another tweet about them being back at George Town. So again, we went back.  Long story short.  The men lied to us and JB had been in G-Town 99.9% of the time, when we got there they were just loading their bags, and one of the guy’s working there told us where to go and stand to see them.  Before they came out, one of the guy’s working there came over and said “You looking for the Jonas Brothers?  They left at ten thirty this morning.”  Um, yeah, bull shit.  Because right after he said that….they came out ;D

They got into the car and started to pull out of the hotel parking lot.  We stood by close to at least see their car.  The car came to a stop a few feet in front of us.  Demi was the first person I saw.  My friend (who has never met them before) screamed bloody murder when she waved at us.  They rolled the window down and this was pretty much the convo I had with them…

Joe, Demi, Danielle, and Kevin.: Hey!

Us: Hey!

Atty: *Hands over LVATT CD* Can you sign this?

Joe or Kevin (Idr): Yeah!

Me: *Holds up camera and looks at Joe* Can you sign my camera please?!

Him: *Smiles* Sure.

Me: *Hands over Camera*

Everyone else: *Talking*

Joe: *Holds up camera and takes a picture*  (At this time I didnt know nor was ready)    *Holds up camera again*

Demi: *Gives thumbs up*

Me:  *Looks stupid*

Everyone else:  *Looks ten times better then me*

Joe: *Takes picture*  That was a good one!

Me: Great! *Tries to get the camera back*

Joe: *Smirks and looks at the camera*  Thanks! *Keeps camera* (Like, keep as if I GAVE the camera to him as a gift)

Me: *Laughs*

Him: *Sticks camera out to the point where I can ALMOST get it*

Me: *Tries to grab it*

Him: *Smirks and watches*

Me: *Turns to Kevin and Danielle* CONGRATS ON GETTING MARRIED!

Them: Thanks!

Me: You’re welcome!

Joe: *Hands back signed camera and pen* There you go!

Us: Thank you!

Person driving: Ok guys we have to go!

Demi: Back up some so we dont run over your feet!

Us: *Backs up*

Them: Bye!

Us: BYEEE!!!

Them: *Drives off*


And then we cried.

The, frickin, end. 😀

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