Demi on set of Jonas

Tweets from people who were on set.

@xxMichellex3 : JEMI! – 9:06 PM May 6th, 2010

@thattwinmelissa : Joe stop making out with your gf.! – 9:39 PM May 6th, 2010

@xxMichellex3 : Im in the precense of jemi. O_o – 9:41 PM May 6th, 2010

@xxMichellex3 : Joe was staring at us taking a picture of demi. Ahhhhhh. :) im so fucking stoked. – 10:02 PM May 6th, 2010

@thattwinmelissa : @joejonas @ddlovato lovebirds :) – 10:06 PM May 6th, 2010

@NicoleCamarae : Omg You’d die. Joe and demi are cuddling and stuff RIGHT in front of me. – 10:07 PM May 6th

@MarissaRodas : joe and demi are walking on the beach….. – 10:07 PM May 6th

@MarissaRodas : im at the jonas taping at the beach and demi is here… for those of you wondering… they were taking pictures together – 10:49 PM May 6th, 2010

@MarissaRodas : sorry its blurry ut here is a jemi pic… they are the one in black and silver… they are hugging – 11:04 PM May 6th, 2010

@thattwinmelissa : reading all my @ replies and for all you jemi fans i’m sorry i couldn’t get a pic b/c my phone doesn’t ave a camera but she was on set :) – 1:28 AM May 7th, 2010

@thattwinmelissa : and for all of you wondering what they were doing, they were holding hands during a quick break and walking along the beach taking pictures. – 1:30 AM May 7th, 2010

@j3ssucka : I had a bad dream that I saw the guy I like, kissing his girlfrind on the beach…Oh, wait. That wasn’t a dream. – 10:32 AM May 7th, 2010

Pictures from JoeJonasPhotos & @MarissaRodas

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3 Responses to “Demi on set of Jonas”

  1. nighthawk Says:

    your awesome. =]

  2. -PeAcE-LoVe-DEMI Says:

    i miss them together so much….litteraly died when they broke up 😥

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