Joe&Demi JONAS set – Video

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6 Responses to “Joe&Demi JONAS set – Video”

  1. kimyanc Says:

    when I see this I only think SUCK IT YOU HATERS..LOL love the video you can see their sweet and crazy love, all goffing around but then you see the kind and sweet hug of Joe from behind and you faith, lolol I love it:D

  2. angelofberlin Says:

    they are the curest couple ever ❤

  3. Maria Says:

    OMG! This video is probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. They are too cute together. For anyone who says they are fake, is not only blind but stupid too. Love, love, love this site and Jemi!

    • kcamowje Says:

      I feel the same way, every time I see a bad comment or something saying they are fake I think the same thing, that they are blind and very very stupid, people be making me mad with the fake stuff, now I hope everyone finally gets it, if not than they have even bigger problems than I thought before and they are really, very, truly blind and stupid

  4. kroline Says:

    aww… they are really cute and way more expresive when they are not in front of the cameras. love them ..cutest ever!!

  5. silvia Says:

    agree, agree, agree.. lol xD

    i mean c’mon how can ppl say that this is just for publicity, that it’s fake etc. !! it’s not their fault that they got closer during CR2. and the best way to fall in love is falling in love with your best friend… but some ppl don’t get that. they’re prob just little kids and crazy jelaous girls. i realy don’t understand all this demi hate 😦 she’s amazing and joe is so happy wehenever he’s with her, fans should be happy for him…

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