Demi : Gonna make Joe watch

Joe Jonas, there is no escape. You will be watching Grey’s Anatomy tonight.

“I don’t think [Joe] has ever watched it but I’m gonna make him,” Demi Lovato says of tonight’s episode, in which she plays a patient who isn’t so right in the head. “I’m gonna show him how amazing it is.”

The good news for Joe, and all you Grey’s fans, is that tonight’s episode is crazy good. (Hookups! Love confessions! Steam from McSteamy!) I got the scoop from Demi, Justin Chambers and Kevin McKidd on the set of Grey’s, and you won’t believe how the Disney Channel star acted when she met the cast…

“Um, hi! Can I just say hi? I’m just…a really big fan.”

Right before our interview, I watched as an adorably red-faced Demi walked up to James Pickens, Kim Raver and Kevin McKidd and stammered her hello.

“I just saw Teddy, and Owen, and the Chief, and I got really starstruck!” Demi told me afterward.  “I’m a huge fan [of Grey’s]. Obsessed and it’s not healthy…People know on my set Sonny with a Chance, ‘OK, she’s gotta be home at 8:45 so she can watch [Grey’s] at nine o’ clock.'”

Joe Jonas’ other half says that scoring the guest spot is a dream come true. “I’m playing a schizophrenic in this episode, or a possible schizophrenic, and I hear every sound in my body from my heart beating to my eyes moving, to my muscles flexing, to my blood rushing,” Demi spills. “I hear everything going on in my body and I couldn’t take it and I try to claw my eyes out.”

That would explain the glam-rock makeup, which Demi laughs is “a little Gaga-esque…I’ve been doing a lot of crying so it’s probably worn off by now, but it’s pretty awesome.”

Demi shares most of her screen time with Justin Chambers‘ Alex.

As for Demi, she’s just trying to get over her whole “Pinch me or is that McDreamy?!” experience on her favorite show. “Everyone has been super, super sweet to me and really welcoming,” Demi said of the Seattle Grace posse. “At like six o’ clock on a Monday morning, I walk in and Patrick Dempsey‘s like, ‘Hello there, Demi…How do you say your name?’ And I was just like, ‘Oh! There’s Patrick Dempsey’ and there was a huge smile came on my face…My favorite is, don’t tell, but I love Lexi! Lexi’s like my character and I love her character so much.”

And now that she’s one half of teen America’s biggest power couples, Demi’s also learning to accept the fascination with her real-life romance. “I think it’s definitely bizarre,” she tells me. “Anybody would definitely feel that way if strangers were asking you about how your boyfriend is. I feel like, this is what I do for a living, and this comes with it, so I’ve prepared myself. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it, but also there’s an acceptance there that’s like, ‘OK, I know that this is my life now, so get used to it!'”

Check out Demi on Grey’s tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC, and just try not to squeal at that love confession…Just try…

Read full article plus watch the interview here

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