Old myspace comments from Demi & friends

Don’t send them around PLEASE! Keep it in the Jemi family ok? Good.

Click on the picture to view full size. Enjoy.

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12 Responses to “Old myspace comments from Demi & friends”

  1. dragon Says:

    wow. its true. demi has ALWAYS loved joe.

  2. Xxmissy Says:

    Omg did u know these where theRe who found them??

  3. coolio Says:

    is it possible that they might be talking about nick? i read marissas comments and she said “isnt the youngest one dating miley” and i think dallas responded with that emily comment.

  4. duds Says:

    can someone tell me what is it? I didn’t understood ! thx

  5. Cris Says:

    wow, you’re so good at this.
    I love Jemi,

    before everything happened I ALWAYS thought Joe was way more into her than she was, she used to say they were more like “brothers and sister” but he hast (has he?) I dont think so, and I’ve seen vids and stuff (like everyone) and he was really flirt, i think Joe is like that, but he was even more with demi.

    I do believe they are going to last, and i truly think they are going to get marry one day, (WOW, i know) haha

    I love your site 😉 keep up the amazing job.

  6. onetreephil Says:

    loool awesomeeee!

  7. YoM Says:

    yes indeed, Joe & Demi had a thing while filming the first Camp Rock…
    I also think they kinda hooked up around NYE 2008, then he decided to go for it with Camilla, and the rest is history hahahaha

  8. -victoria(: Says:

    what do they say? i can’t rlly read them, its too small. :/

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