Unseen pic surfaces

Debating last night on twitter we came up with an Airport. When/Where exactly.. Who knows..?

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6 Responses to “Unseen pic surfaces”

  1. liora Says:

    They’re so cute . If it’s from an airport maybe it’s from their trip to Washington .
    Anyways , I really think something is weird in this breakup , they looked so happy like a week ago , I guess we’ll never know what really happened but I like to believe they decided to take a break because of the paps ands fans pressure and cause they know they have a lot of promotion together coming up for the tour and CR 2 and they’re tired of sharing their private lives with everyone . Maybe they’re going to find their way back to each other during the tour , and they definitely won’t make the mistake again of being official . They wanted to be honest with their fans and this is what happened , so sad .

  2. liora Says:

    Nope , they went together for DC . I remember someone tweeted she ran into them at LAX airport .
    Demi came from Utah and Joe from LA when they went in NY .

  3. Shayla Says:

    Waitt I’m confused when was this pic taken? before or after the break up? Cuz if it’s after the break up then it’s kinda weird that they’re holdin hands!

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