Demi switches Solo’s lyrics to fit Joe

In her concert in Rio Demi sang Solo but decided to do a little bit of improv and changed the line “Why don’t you just stick to acting to “Why don’t you just stick to tambourine.

Check the 1:15 mark

Hate comments will be deleted. You can discuss, like mature people.

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25 Responses to “Demi switches Solo’s lyrics to fit Joe”

  1. kimyanc Says:

    I love it:) for me it was just a joke..and I just LMAO:)

  2. demi4lyf Says:

    hahaha love demi. I think it’s her way of venting/coping with what she’s going through right now. If you recall one of her tweets about music being her band-aid, well this is a part of it. Rock on, Demi. 🙂

  3. Cris Says:

    I love Demi, no matter whatt she does, Shes so true to herself, and its not like Joe didnt do it to Taylor, so… he from everyone probable understands…
    what I keep wondering… He keeps wearing their friendship bracalet, It like he really doesnt want to lose her as a friend, but its really sad, cuz right now, demi NEEDS to be away from him.
    I love them both, anywaysss

    • duchessduchie Says:

      The friendship bracelet thing sort-of gets to me. Yes, I believe that they will remain friends but it is going to take time to heal the wounds. I really think that Joe wearing the friendship bracelet is rubbing salt into a wound. Yes, they are friends but Demi is/was crazy about him.

      I have been really impressed with how Demi is publicly handling the breakup. At 17, I would not have been as mature as she has been. I think that it is ironic that Demi did the same thing that Joe did with Taylor.

      • jeminews Says:

        Let’s also not forget that Joe has been wearing this bracelet for years. And at some point so was Demi (but only occasionally). Nothing says it’s THEIR friendship bracelet specifically. And at The Grove and later I think, he was wearing two, like maybe she gave hers back or something.

  4. laura Says:

    Can you explain me what did she mean? sorry my language isn’t English:)

  5. laura Says:

    can you explain what did she mean??
    sorry my language isn’t English so i didnt understand it clearly:)

    • jeminews Says:

      Just what I said lol. The original lyrics are “Why don’t you stick to acting” and by changing “acting” to “Tambourine” she sort of dedicates the song to Joe. Because Joe is known for being “Tambourine Boy”.
      What language do you speak? Would it happen to be French? Because I could help then lol

  6. girlie Says:

    some ppl are hating demi for that a bad thing that demi mentioned joe’s tambourine? i wanna know cuz im a huge JB fan dont know that i should hate demi? dont get me wrong just asking ..

    • jeminews Says:

      Are you serious?? You are asking me if you should HATE Demi? I.. I seriously don’t know what to say.. Wow. Ok. Hum, NO!!
      First, you shouldn’t hate someone just because they said something you don’t like about someone you’re a fan of. It doesn’t matter if you’re a huge fan of someone you should NEVER hate on people, it’s pathetic.
      Second, You shouldn’t ask people to tell you how you should feel/act. Especially about something as stupid as hating on someone.
      Third, there is no reason to hate on her for that. She poked fun at him, it was funny and she has the right to do whatever the hell she wants with HER song at HER show without having to answer and get hate from psycho JB fans.
      Lastly, If you think about hating on Demi here I can tell you right now it’s no use as your comments WILL be deleted.

  7. JemiLover Says:

    well … demi has every right to get over him, in any way that suits her, and we all know that her way of venting is through her songs, and to be honest i dont blame her, I do love Joe and all … but he always seems to be the one who is breaking peoples hearts, and it always ends up in a bad way, and even though they have said they are going to remain friends, theres no way it will ever be the same!
    I cant wait to see what they are going to be like this summer, since they have to spend like half a year together … AWKWARDDD …

    and this is totally nothing to do with Joe, but am i the only person who has noticed that Kevin Jonas dosent really like demi that muchh :O .. OMG that MTV interview it was almost as like they were taking diggs at eachother and ive noticed through other things that he isnt as nice/cloe to her as nick and joe are … If you agreee..say somethingg ! 🙂

  8. JemiLover Says:

    and they both also keep saying that they are going to remain friends, but it will never ever be the same, no matter how much they keep trying to say that!!

    • jeminews Says:

      I agree. I think it was naïve of Demi to say they’d remain best friends no matter what. I think they might find their way back to being friends again – after a while, let the girl heal and be angry first – but I doubt it’ll ever be the same.

  9. laura Says:

    hahaha!!!this ‘girlie’ is serious??? ROFL i never laughed like that:) girlie i wanna meet you!!!

  10. laura Says:

    jeminews you’re totally right you should delete her comment..

    • jeminews Says:

      I considered it but then I thought she might come back and read the answers to her comment. And it’s not really a hate comment. I already had to delete some towards Demi & Me and trust me that’s nothing lol. And if anybody who’s thinking about posting anything hateful they know what to expect.

  11. person Says:

    random:i dont think demi is mad at joe so much.cuz there’s jb and her picture on her twitter background.if she cant stand seeing him she would remove it already,right?

  12. mah Says:

    I don’t think it’s such a big deal! Every girl that has had a guy breaking up with her has gone through this. First we get sad, then we get really really sad and then we just get PISSED and make the guy regret it. And finally, we get over it.
    So let’s just let the girl alone, she’s healing and she has every right to make fun of the guy that just broke her heart.

    Besides, I thought it was really funny xD

  13. JemiMyLove Says:

    I miss jemi,,, for once I hope zacktaylor and his lying butt are telling the truth! But honestly I think he may just want to keep Jemi alive in his mind? BUT as Demi said, the fans put them together. WE sensed the relationship! WE sensed the breakup! Maybe WE can sense a make-up with POSITIVE thought! Jemi4Ever!

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