More pre break up articles

From J-14 (and yes this is pre break up).
Demi gazes into Joe’s eyes, Joe looks the other direction: He’s just not that into her?

They’re dating…but is there trouble brewing for the power couple?

He’s part of one of the hottest music groups in history. She’s a rising star with her own TV show and music career, so the moment Joe and Demi announced that they went from BFF to BF/GF, jaws dropped. And while Demi couldn’t be more happier – constantly smiling, grabbing Joe’s hand, and trying to kiss him in public – Joe looks preoccupied, sometimes even turning his head when she’s about to kiss him, which has many asking: Is Demi more into Joe than he is into her?

“The Feelings Were Always There”

From the minute Joe and Demi met for Camp Rock, all people asked Demi about was wheather they were dating in real life. It was especially hard for Demi to ignore because secretly, she agreed. She also thought she and Joe were meant to be. “For me, as much as I wanted to fight it, the feelings were always there,” Demi admits. She when Joe and Demi decided to take a leap of faith and start dating, she made a promise to herself that she wasn’t going to let him go – there’s no way she’d mess this up! “He’s incredible,” Demi gushes about her dream guy.

Taking Things Slow:
Joe has had his fair share of public relationships and breakups. From being publicly dissed by Taylor Swift just days after they sat together at the MTV Music Awards to touring the world with ex Camilla Belle, Joe’s learned that Hollywood when it comes to relationships its best to proceed with caution. Thats why hes keeping PDA with Demi at the minimun. When J-14 asked Joe if he thought his past relationships have helped with his new ones he told us, “I think its not only helped Demi and me relationship-wise but also helped us learn who we are as people.”

Defying The Odds:
As Joe and Demi embark on their Camp Rock world tour though the fall, it will only make them more comfortable with each other and help them realize that they are the perfect couple. The tour will also remind them of the first time Demi joined Jonas Brothers on the road in the summer of 2008, when Demi and Joe started their friendship…and eventually fell in love. Joe and Demi are still the same people who met years ago – now they are just taking a new journey together. And thats exactly the way Joe likes it. “Demi’s always stayed true to who she is, ever since i met her,” he tell us. “She’s always been the same person…my best friend.”

Do their Camp Rock 2 costars approve of Jemi?
“At first I was like, What?!’ But it’s great.It was a long time coming, I thing.” -Kevin
“They’re each so special that having them together in a relationship is really cool to catch” -Alyson
“No shock at all. As long as theyre happy, Im happy for them” -Meaghan
“They really can communicate and see eye-to-eye.Theyre great people.” -Mdot
“I just knew from the very beginning.They look great together and they just understand each other” -Anna Maria


Joe’s sweetest thing he’s done for Demi:

When TWIST sat down with Joe recently, we asked about the nicest things he’s done for Demi! “She wasn’t feeling good this morning, so i got her green tea and tried to take care of her,” Joe confessed only to us. “She’s feeling better which is good!”

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7 Responses to “More pre break up articles”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    this just got me really depressed-she really thought they would be together forever ;(

  2. Jemifan08357 Says:

    Ughhhh I want them to get back together so bad.I don’t want pics,or articles,or interviews,I just want to know that they are back together.(hopefully before the tour,so they’ll be able to experience it together,and not have it be all awkward,epsecially onstage)

    I want to know when demis tour ends and when they start rehersals.Does anyone know?

  3. Veronica Says:

    There’s moments were it sounds like he really cared for her. Everyone saw it, I just wonder what REALLY happened.

  4. WaddaDorkkxD Says:

    Lets just hope that the next time they’ll get together, because there is no doubt that they won’t be together again in the the future, that their relationship will last longer and grow into an engagement then a marriage and so on …

    I really wanna know what your take on the break up ? I’m just so confused why he just break up with Demi out of no where, when they’re clearly STILL in love, well I’m pretty sure they still are. For a hard core Jemian it hurts just like your own break up. I miss them already 😦 I doubt that there will be Jemi moments on this site for the next few months, well at least the ones we wan to see, the genuine and passionate ones!

  5. Vinnie Says:

    I really don’t get it. I mean just look at them after announcement of break-up, they both look happy. Joe’s with a new hairstyle. Demi looks stunning on stage. They’re just like nothing happened. Everything’s just as normal as they are. I just wonder whether they really break up. I mean maybe they just pretend to break up to keep their relationship in private rather than showing it in public because they’re tired of paparazzi following all the time and take every picture of every of their move. Just my guess or maybe JEMI is really over or it may be just for PR from the beginning. Anyway, I still JEMI exists forever, at least in my mind.

    • jeminews Says:

      I don’t think it’s a fake break up unfortunately. And who’s to know how they really feel? Just because they smile for the camera and tweet happy stuff doesn’t mean they don’t hurt. Although I don’t think Joe feels too bad. Demi seemed clearly upset to me. But now she’s off having the time of her life in South America and no matter how much someone hurts I think having thousands of your adoring fans chearing your name and singing your songs would cheer anybody up. But who knows what really goes on behind the scenes? Certainly not us.

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