Wouldn’t Change A Thing preview

Camp Rock 2 – “Wouldn’t Change A Thing” & “Fire” Preview

Longer preview

Download the FULL instrumental on here

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6 Responses to “Wouldn’t Change A Thing preview”

  1. evelyn Says:

    this might just turn out to be the best song in a disney original movie ever, i’m talking about Jemi’s song “Wouldn’t Change A Thing

  2. JemiLover Says:

    ahh “wouldnt change a thing” sounds so good, cant wait till the movie to see that scene & the kiss, there soo cute togetherrr!!
    wish they were still together now! 😐

  3. person Says:

    can someone tell me if joe is still following demi on twitter or not??jobrosupdates_n said he’s not following..
    p.s. i dont have twitter so i cant look..pls help!!

  4. person Says:

    btw wouldnt change a thing is totally awesome.. cant wait for full version:)

  5. JemiMyLove Says:

    Jemi belongs together, their voices are like WOWW as one! Imagine how talented their children are gonna be! U know they r gonna get married someday, this is just one of those times where they went on a REALLY tall hill on a rollercoaster, an then unfortunately had to fall back down 😦 Jemi4Ever

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