Joe Jonas – Road to Camp Rock 2

New Road to Camp Rock 2 : The Final Jam

I’ll post a better quality vid when I find one. If you have one please send it to me 🙂

You can see them all HERE

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3 Responses to “Joe Jonas – Road to Camp Rock 2”

  1. evelyn Says:

    OMJ, I really want to see the movie and the way Joe be looking at Demi in the little previews they be doing is not making it much better, why Disney is premiering it in September I guess no one will know, I wish it came out earlier

  2. jemilover Says:

    omg!!!!im dying to see it!hate u disney..ugh..3rd september..
    i still cant believe how can the broke-up??pls get back together JEMI!!


    OMG! Aww. They are SOSOSO CUTE together… Awawaw!…

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