Demi talks Smitchie & more

From TV Squad

Can we all please just agree that Demi Lovato is adorable? And possibly taking over the universe? I sat down with the Disney starlet to talk about her latest projects, and we almost couldn’t make time for everything she’s doing.

The biggest thing coming up is ‘Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam,’ the Disney Channel sequel to her hit movie with three guys you might’ve heard of, the Jonases. Even though the movie won’t premiere for a few months, tweens are already screaming for details — Demi tells me that her character Mitchie is more confident and a leader this time around. She also spills that Mitchie’s relationship with Shane (Joe Jonas, her real-life ex) continues to be crazy.

Then she dishes about her summer tour with the Jonas Brothers, ‘Sonny With a Chance,’ her awesome episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ giving back and her “secret passion.”

Watch the video HERE

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One Response to “Demi talks Smitchie & more”

  1. luv is in dah air Says:

    OMG demi and joe should go back together cos they belong to gether
    its not like this chance will conme back for them
    the were soooooo cute together
    this is them b4 and i said

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