Joe&Demi California Adventure

From Halie: These are from when Joe and Demi were still together. Me and my best friend saw them at California Adventures. We didn’t go up to them because we didn’t wanna bother them, but we took some pictures of them.

Pictures are from THIS DAY

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6 Responses to “Joe&Demi California Adventure”

  1. JemiLover Says:

    OMG, there actually sooooooooo cute!,
    i just dont get how joe can think shes better of as just a friend, there actually soo cute!
    miss them </3

  2. AlllTImelow_ Says:

    With they were still together but whatever 😦
    Why’d you tag the pics tho?

    • jeminews Says:

      Cause I’m tired of people taking them from my site without crediting. If they want them without tag, I found them, so can they. I usually credit where I found them but I don’t want to credit OceanUp cause they’ve taken my stuff a few times and they never credit anyone. Plus I don’t always tag. And it’s not like it’s an obnoxious tag on their face.

  3. jemilover Says:

    awww!!!i miss JEMI soo much..pls get back together.

  4. anni Says:

    i miss them so much..

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