Jb & Demi Oscars After Party videos

So I was sure I had posted them before but apparently not.. Weird. So here.

Go here for coverage of that day.

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5 Responses to “Jb & Demi Oscars After Party videos”

  1. JemiHearts Says:

    Hey Ceecile, I don’t have a Twitter, but have noticed how Joe has not been tweeting, do u think this is because he has no cell service wherever he is/has been, or is he just taking a Twitter break? I was thinking perhaps he wants Demi back, but she won’t take him yet, so he’s boycotting Twitter to prove how much he is willing to give for her love! I know it’s farfetched, but you may never know!

    • JemiHearts Says:

      He tweeted! •Gasp• He says he’s more alive than ever… What does that mean? Hmm…

      • jeminews Says:

        That he’s been having a good time in Africa

      • JemiHearts Says:

        Haha yeah I get that now… I just wanted some action yah know? Like right now I just think Jemi aren’t right for eachother while they are away, but I believe that when tour comes around they will realize what they are missing, but maybe not, idk, who does?

      • jeminews Says:

        Nobody does cause nobody knows why Joe wanted to break up or if they even are on good terms or if Demi would want him back after he basically broke her heart.

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