Demi signs on Joe’s face

A girl who went to a SWAC taping July 2nd got this signed. I don’t know whose signature it is though. It’s Demi’s signature.

RT @ShelbyCasanova : @joejonas there’s a long list of gentleman happy to take ur place..

Another one!

This one is clearly Demi’s signature.

From the owner

Demi =  “This is out? :/ ”  –  Then she signs over Joe’s face.  Ha Win.

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10 Responses to “Demi signs on Joe’s face”

  1. Caro Says:

    hahaha just on his faceee!!

  2. Lalia Says:

    Loads of people are saying it’s Demi’s signature and I guess it could be because she’d have had to do it from an awkward angle. Either way, it made me laugh soo much 🙂 lol x

    • jeminews Says:

      The peeps were VIP so they got to go down and talk to the cast and all that. They talked to Demi’s mom about shows being cancelled and such..
      It doesn’t really look like her signature, but could be.

  3. Nebbie Says:

    It could be her sign…then again. Not to bash or anything, I just come from a different culture and would like to know if @Lalia and @Caro are just laughing jemiwise fans or you don’t like joe for demi.
    Anyway, I don’t really think it’s a big deal and doubt joe would see the tweet..he barely tweets anymore and he has tons of @replies every minute. Just saying

    • jeminews Says:

      I’m laughing cause it’s funny. I think they are as well.
      It’s not about Joe seeing the tweet and knowing she did that – although I’m sure it has reached Papa J’s ears by now – it’s about the fact that she did it plain and simple.

      • Nebbie Says:

        oh..ok. Yeah that was bold…but I really do hope it doesn’t mean anything more than just that. What do u think?? Is it relevant when it comes to a future reconciliation?

      • jeminews Says:

        I think that Demi is a teenager who was just broken up with and that she is hurt. I do think that she does not hold Joe in her right right now. And that she must be quite pissed at him, but she’s unable to express it like any other teen because of the world she lives in, so she does this, and switches lyrics in her songs..

  4. Besho Says:

    Hahahaha I love Demi ❤
    and it is her signature…I think lol

  5. Lalia Says:

    ahhaa it’s times like this you HAVE to love Demi 😀 lol x

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