Pixie Lott on Jemi

Pixie Lott featured in Sugar Magagazine. On Gregg Sulkin: ‘He’s in that Disney show Wizards Of Waverly Place with Selena Gomez. I met him in LA a couple of years ago when I was out there recording. We stayed in the same hotel and we got chatting. He lives out there now so I visit him whenever I go out.

He hasn’t introduced me to Selena yet, but I went to visit the set of Sonny With A Chance and met Demi Lovato! She was really nice. It’s a shame about her and Joe [Jonas] not working out, they were so cute together.’

On Justin Bieber: ‘I did a TV show with Justin Bieber recently. He is a little cutie. I went looking for him before to introduce myself and he was in his dressing room. It was FULL of people and I was like ‘Hiiiiiiii! He was so nice and friendly but, before you ask, no he didn’t flirt with me!’

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