Joe’s favorite CR 2 memory about Demi

J-14:  (Joe) What’s your favorite CR 2 memory about each costar?

Demi“Seeing her shine more as an actress”

PS: If you’ve figured out what his other enswers are, feel free to let us know by commenting..

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6 Responses to “Joe’s favorite CR 2 memory about Demi”

  1. Kim Says:

    – Joseph “???” Jonas
    – Jumped for joy
    – Being with the cast again
    – Cooking , reading , ?
    – Nick: falling in lake
    Kevin: rocking on guitar
    Demi: seeing her shine more as an actress
    – ???

    • jeminews Says:

      Ah ah thanks! I kinda already got those though lol =P
      I think it’s Joseph “NASA wannabe travler to space” Jonas and the last one goes something like “I love acting ??? more” (??) Yeaaaah maybe not! Not sure lmao

  2. Kristine Says:

    -Joseph “nasa wannabe travler to space” Jonas
    -Jumped for joy
    -Being with the cast again
    -Cooking, reading, Kung Fu
    -Nick: Falling in lake
    -Kevin: rocking on guitar
    -Demi: seeing her shine more as an actress
    -I love acting hope to do more

  3. Tina Says:

    I love acting hope to do more

  4. Krisi Says:

    1) joseph “nerd wanna be trouble to space” jonas?
    2) jumped for joy (lol)
    3) being with the cast again
    4) cooking, reading, kong fu? (lol)
    p.s. i would greatly appreciate it if you found the time 2 dig up more dirt on them…mayb evn hav like flashback moments from back in ’07 that relate to their relationship now. for example i watched camp rock recently & noticed demi liked joe a lot & it wasn’t until tour in ’08 that he really started liking her too; and probably didn’t act on it because they were such good friends and he wasn’t sure how she felt about him or whatever. you should post things like Jemi Body Language from youtube (VERY INFORMATIVE). i’ll post a link of it. just sum stuff too make your website more addicting 😛
    p.s. do you think pixie lott is being fake about demi because she likes joe? just a thought & wat about him & ash. i think she sees him as a FRIEND ONLY while he’s trying 2 get 2 know her because he doesn’t date he “just have fun”…

    • jeminews Says:

      Well the website is JemiNews and that isn’t really news you know? I only want to post definite things. I shouldn’t even have posted Joe’s daily 10 thing, but I was desperat to finally post something.
      Plus I think everybody who comes on this site is already aware of all this so I don’t really see the point.
      As for Pixie Lott, I don’t think she’s lying. I don’t think she likes Joe.
      And Joe & Ashley. I don’t know what they’r up too but anyway he’s now on tour til the rest of the year and he better not bring her.
      I better not get started on Joe. All I’ll say is he annoys me.

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