JB + Demi interview

Good Morning New York


Fox 4 News


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10 Responses to “JB + Demi interview”

  1. Barbara Says:

    It looks like Demi and Joe are true to their words, they actually are back to ‘normal’. I’m happy to see that… and also, Nick is soo hilarious!! Love that guy! 🙂

  2. Sammy Says:

    i felt slightly awkward watching it lol only becuz this is the first interview i see them together since the break-up but all in all im glad to see them like best friends again and laughing like old times 🙂 and also to point out doesnt joe usually sit next to demi??

    • duchessduchie Says:

      I don’t think that we are going to see any interviews with those two sitting next to eachother any time soon. Things may be cool but not that cool . . . yet.

    • jeminews Says:

      Well they didn’t exactly have any interaction during the interview so I wouldn’t say it’s back to normal really. But it’s def a good start!

  3. duchessduchie Says:

    There is one more interview (the Dallas one) that the news anchor ask Demi about dating/being friends and Demi point blank says that it is not awkward. I think that they are all really trying to not make it awkward but come on it is always sort of awkward with an ex!

  4. Krisi Says:

    um ok guys hey! & there’s actually 2 more as of RITE NOW they did 19 of these things sooo yeah b on the lookout. ALSO they sat nxt 2 eachother becuz they wer dating now that they arnt there’s no point of having them sit nxt 2 eachother (i agree with duchessduchie on that note)
    PLUS a correction needs 2 b made…if i remember it as well as i think i do then a jemi moment can b merely as simple & slight as them laughing at the same time SO there was DEFINITELY some “interaction” going on its just not physical 😛
    & one more its not ALWAYS awkward especially if niether party wants it 2 b. i’m a living testimony. if both sides r like “lets not make this thing awkward” & actually move on forgeting the past (like demi when the fact that her & joe dated was brought up sed “we did?! did U kno that?!”) things can b TOTALY “normal”
    JUST MY 1,2…3cents lol 😛

    • Lalia Says:

      Where are the two more??

      But yeah I agree, they probably won’t sit next to each other for a while although they seemed to be on good terms. I think they’ll become a lot closer during this tour. x

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