Dress rehearsals Videos

Set List HERE

This Is Me

Wouldn’t Change A Thing

Get Back

La La Land

Don’t Forget

Feeling Alive

Introducing Me

And Here

Who I Am

When You Look Me In The Eyes

And Here

Love Bug

Clips from the show

Alyson original / Start The Party / Fire / Get Back / La La Land / Catch Me / Brand New Day

Feeling Alive / Hold On / Year 3000 / Play My Music

Introducing Me / Who I Am / This Is Me / Drive My Car /

Heart & Soul / Gotta Find You  / La Baby / Paranoid

Please Be Mine

Year 3000 1 & 2

Burning Up

Alyson Stoner

Start The Party 1 & 2

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10 Responses to “Dress rehearsals Videos”

  1. Lalia Says:

    Am I the only one who feels VERY sorry for Demi coz she’s clearly not over Joe, yet she still has to sing romantic songs with him and also “Get Back” which I think she was singing for him…. And also Joe is supposedly dating Ashley Greene now aswell 😦 x

    • Andrea Says:

      I feel the same Lalia, this tour it´s gonna be really hard for Demi, but on the other hand she loves singing and being on a stage sharing with her fans, that will help her to be okay, but i really don´t like that she´s again the jonas “Guest star”, that is a step back in her career, and she deserves better things, that really bugs me, anyways just wish her the best, she´s so talented and deserves more recognition.

      Thanks for posting the vids

  2. Nana Says:

    Is there the video when Joe and Demi sing together?. I’m dying to see it. Can u please post that? I know they did break up and I really wanna see whether they’re awkward when singing together. I hate Joe, and kind of give up hope on Jemi, but I don’t know why every time seeing them together, I can’t stop myself from getting excited.

  3. Dani_DLovato Says:

    Thank you so much to put all these videos and photos together for us. You do an amazing work. 🙂

  4. jemi31 Says:

    thank u so much for the videos. u’re awesome! 😀

  5. duchessduchie Says:

    I heard that it was really awkward during jemi’s duets but looking at the video it wasn’t too bad. Yes, they didn’t really interact much but there was at least SOME interaction. They could have just divided the stage and stayed on their own side. On a positive note they both sounded really great! Demi especially! Thanks for collecting all of these and for the photos too.

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