Press Conference

Jonas Brothers and Demi Entering the Press Conference

Joe Jonas speaks with an English accent and Jonas Brothers discuss playing special songs on tour

Laurel talks to the Jonas Brothers at the Press Conference in Chicago

Beth talks to the Jonas Brothers about Hanson

Jonas Brothers Discuss Record Label and Joe’s Solo Music

What does Demi say? “Good stuff. …” ??

Nick Jonas on “fighting” with his brothers

Asking the Jonas Brothers the last question of the press conference

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7 Responses to “Press Conference”

  1. Vinnie Says:

    I’m kind of very sad when Joe and Demi seem never gonna sit/stand next to each other as their sweet chemistries in the past. They were always together. Grr! I hate this. I love when hearing that they date but now this relationship, break-up thing is ruining their friendship and make them look so awkward together.

  2. erin Says:

    thanks for the videos. and im guessing demi was like “Good stuff… just saying.” lol thats what i heard.

  3. Barbara Says:

    I don’t think they are that awkward. I mean, it could be much worse, but they are doing fine, laughing at each other’s jokes and all. I’m only ‘upset’ (though, not surprised at all) because Joe already started dating. how can he move on so fast after the whole Jemi thing… ?

    • Vinnie Says:

      Yes. You’re right. I can’t believe he can move on so fast and start another relationship. He is such a jerk. I have to admit that I really hate him since he broke up with Demi. Demi should abandon him, never take a look at him again. She needs to find a hundered-time better guy than this stupid Joe.

  4. Lalia Says:

    Yeah she said “good stuff” 😛 umm she seemed really tired/or maybe unhappy and a lot of the questions kinda excluded her so she seemed a bit out of it in those interviews. I wonder if Demi and Joe have been told not to sit together or if it was their choice…

  5. mesha Says:

    everytime Demi have interviews with the guys they focus on them like she’s not even there that could get annoying sometimes

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