Joe & Ashley Date

Joe has already found his replacement. He flew out to LA on his day off to spend time with her.

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15 Responses to “Joe & Ashley Date”

  1. mesha Says:


  2. Lalia Says:

    He’s a jerk… sorry I thought he was ok before purely because he made Demi happy and I love her. Now that he’s moved on really quickly when Demi is clearly still into him I have no interest in him whatsoever. Anyway, Ashley is a player so I hope he gets his heart broken this time…

  3. lola Says:

    This really makes me dislike Joe, I mean, he probably knows Demi is still hung up on him yet he goes to LA to be with Ashley. That’s like rubbing it in Demi’s face. If he really cared about restoring his friendship with Demi, this was not the right move to make…

  4. onetreephil Says:

    i really dont like him anymore

  5. anni Says:

    ugh i hope ashley will brake up with him if they’re really dating. yes i love joe but.. idk anymore.

  6. Vinnie Says:

    Grr! I know since this jerk broke up with our sweet Demi. She’s too good for him. He doesn’t deserve her. He’s such a womanizer, a jerk, …Demi should kick him out of her life forever and find a guy who is hundered-time better than this jerky Joe. Grr. OMG! I cant believe this. My 3 year of praying for JEMI happening is just wasteful. ‘J’ is not suitable to join in ‘EMI’. This is ‘J’ for JERK, not for my dreamy JEMI.

  7. Noor Says:

    im seriously saddened by this.. i was such a fan of joe &demi together. i wasnt happpy when he broke up with her, but it didnt make me dislike him as much as im aggrivated with him now seeing him with ashleyy.

  8. -PeAcE-LoVe-DEMI Says:

    Completely pissed off…u don’t see demi going off and mingling with guys…but off course mr. JERK has to fly across the country just to spend time with ashley…wonder what demi thought of this? probably feels like crap. Get rid of him, demi!!! he doesn’t deserve a friend like you!

  9. AllforJemi Says:

    Not cool for Joe to rub his new relationship in Demi’s face like that……I bet there’s going to be a chill on stage tonight!

  10. duchessduchie Says:

    This was not a smart move for Joe. Joe, who comes off really obsessed with his image, looks like a huge jerk. He breaks the heart of his best friend and then moves on to a girl with a very slutty reputation. It almost seems like he is trying to lose what is left of his good guy reputation. I just really feel bad for Demi. People who hate Demi were twitting photo of these two to her.

  11. Barbara Says:

    I know you guys are upset becuase Joe started dating again, shortly after he broke things off with Demi, but don’t hate him just because he’s seen out with Ashely a lot. I mean, they can be just friends or maybe they do have something going on, but he has every right to do whatever he wants. I’m not saying i’m happy about it, but to be honest i like Ashley. Although, her PR said, joe and her are just friends and it’s rather Joe who wants it to be something more… so let it happen and don’t be so mad at him.
    I mean obviously Demi has moved on, too. She’s pretty laid-back and friendly with Joe, so i’m guessing they’re back to being close friends.

    Who knows, Jemi 2.0 might happen —> “If you really love someone set them free, if it’s meant to be they will come back”

    • jeminews Says:

      It’s obvious they’re dating. You don’t fly out accross the country on a rare day off for nothing.
      Yes he can do whatever he want, doesn’t mean we have to like it or respect it. Dumping your bestfriend and moving on to someone else weeks after is a dick move. And he’s done it before.
      “It’s amazing what you can hide just by puting on a smile” – Demi Lovato

  12. Daniekje91 Says:

    This video and the pics are from a month ago or something because on just jared jr they say last month and they also say that Ashley is already dating another guy and only helping Joe with his music

  13. Cat Says:

    Never liked Joe but when Jemi were together Demi seemed happy so I let it go. But now I dislike him even more. He’s on tour with his ex-girlfriend just a few months after he broke up with her, that’s awkward enough (for her). He wants to be friends but she clearly didn’t want to split so has to make this work for the sake of the tour. It sucks.
    He didn’t have to be so public when he went back to LA for the day. Even if they were going out as friends he knew people would jump to conclusions as they had already done when they were seen together. Demi got twitpics of them together I heard. That’s a slap in the face – thanks to Joe.
    Please respect Demi, Joe. She deserves that at least.
    He does move on fast. Makes you wonder why he even said yes to dating Demi – he must have known whether she was more than a friend before he said yes. Don’t date a friend unless you know it will work.
    Hope she plays him and dumps him. He’s obviously more into her though as he was the one doing the chasing.
    (I still don’t know who she is apart from in Twilight!)

  14. Dani Says:

    If Joe is really dating Ashley, I don’t want Jemi again, cause this just proves he doesn’t deserve Demi and doesn’t care about her feelings. As a girl, his behaviour hurts me; as a Demi fan it hurts even more.

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