Tour Cincinnati Videos

Demi answers questions at soundcheck

This Is Me

That’s just really awkward. You can’t deny it. She’s avoiding him like the plague from begining to end.

Wouldn’t Change A Thing

Heart & Soul

Nick & Demi =  ♥♥♥

Get Back 1

La La Land 1 & 2

Remember December 1

Got Dynamite 1

Catch Me // Don’t Forget 1

Catch Me 1

Don’t Forget 1 & 2

Here We Go Again 1

Brand New Day 1

Introducing Me 1

Biggest Fan 1

Hello Beautiful 1

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19 Responses to “Tour Cincinnati Videos”

  1. missjemi Says:

    OHHHHHHHHH! Thank you so much~!^^

  2. Manda Says:

    WCAT – at 1:51 – how cute is when they both shake their microphones???

  3. lola Says:

    Thanks for always putting up vids, your AWESOME! 😉

    • jeminews Says:

      Thx! I try.
      I’ve been a bit lazy today sorry =P Still waiting for better quality vids but if I don’t find some soon I’m just gonna post the ones I have now.

  4. mountaindewgirl Says:

    aaawwww nick and demi are so cute on heart and soul

    • shnookixoxo Says:

      yes they r!!!! maybe nemi is comin on?? Can we say brother revalry? If u look at Joe’s face he kinda looks worried/pained/angry what do u think?

  5. Barbara Says:

    Nem is great together. They always make each other smile, and sometimes it does feel like Nick has a crush on her. Especially in this video. There’s some serious Demi-loving there, Nick! … haha 🙂

  6. mesha Says:

    aww nick he has always been a good friend to Demi he always mention her on chats and mentions projects she has going on awwww 🙂 joe look like he was going to punch nick in the face lo hahahahaha

    • jeminews Says:

      I know, I love that he tries to include her in press conference, interviews..

      • lola Says:

        Exactly! He always brings her up which I love ’cause in a lot of the interviews with Demi and JB the interviewers don’t talk to Demi much which always makes me feel bad for her…

  7. Cat Says:

    Thanks for the vids. This has to be so awkward for Demi. Hope Nick looks after her. They seem to genuinely get on well when they’re together, he seems to be more fun around her. Whether he likes her or not is irrelevant right now. Maybe in a couple of years who knows! They would work perfectly, she’d bring out the fun side and he’s calm her down a bit. Yin/Yang.

  8. Zippy Says:

    This is Me – um, awkward. She really didn’t get into it at all did she. This was after he went to LA for the day so she’s probably not in the mood to sing with her heart and soul. There wasn’t any closeness or talking like previous nights.
    Poor kid – She must be glad all the dancers/CR crew are there with them. Probably helps.
    Do we think they’ll ever tour again together?! Hmm. probably not!

  9. Lalia Says:

    Joe and Demi seem really distant…. not exactly annoyed but they did avoid each other and even when they had to sing next to each other Demi wasn’t looking at him :/

    But yeah the Nemi bits were cute, as friends. It would be a bit disgusting if it went to more than friends considering Demi’s dated Joe. x

    • jeminews Says:

      Yeah, Demi didn’t do the routine they usually do. She waited last minute to get over to him before going on the catwalk and then she just full on ignored him. He turned to her but she just sang to the audience then went over to the side. Not one glance in his direction.

  10. Vinnie Says:

    Jeminews, I just want to say thank you so much for all things you have done for the long time for us – JEMI fans. You know, my day can’t end without checking your twitter or your blog. You’re so AWESOME! Really WELL-DONE, girl. Love u and thanks again. I just want to say thank u every day everytime I check ur blog or ur twitter. 🙂

  11. xTeamJemix Says:

    Jemi <
    But Thanks For Posting Frequently I Always Come On This Site =]

  12. Dani_DLovato Says:

    You can see clearly in This Is Me that Demi wasn’t pleased with Joe that day (cause of the Ashley thing I guess) and Nick is trying to cheer her up like “I know your not ok Demi but I’m your friend and I’m here to support you”. It seems that right now Nick is one of the persons that understand her better: I think he is not happy with Joe’s behaviour lately and he is also trying to show Demi she is an important part of the tour too – cause in the videos I saw that the audience is very lame until JB come in (lots of obsessive Jonas fans and not so much real Demi fans). I wish so much Demi was headlining this year so she could see how much her fans love her…
    PS: Thank you so much for your work here!

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