Tour = Pittsburgh – Videos

Singing Happy Bday to a fan

Singing Happy Bday to Alyson

End of  This Is Me // High five // “Burnin Up” Joke

This Is Me

Wouldn’t Change A Thing

This Is Our Song

Get Back 1

La La Land 1

Remember December 1 & 2

Catch Me // Don’t Forget 1 & 2

Catch Me 1 & 2

Don’t Forget 1

Here We Go Again 1 & 2

Can’t Back Down 1

It’s On 1

Introducing Me 1 & 2

Hello Beautiful // Biggest Fan with a fan 1 & 2

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4 Responses to “Tour = Pittsburgh – Videos”

  1. mesha Says:

    i hope they do everyone like that if there birthdays come up on tour 🙂

  2. Lalia Says:

    End of this is me is cute with the high 5 and Demi saying “play me a song?” and joe saying “no” lol x

  3. AllforJemi Says:

    I was there last night in Pittsburgh. The concert was outstanding!! Very high energy…..great performances! Demi is so talented…her voice gave me chills. Fun night!

  4. jemi31 Says:

    omg, the high 5 part in This Is Me vid was uber cute. <333
    btw, thanks for the vids. you're the best! =D

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