GMA – Pics

Joe wearing glasses // Demi in flats = Soundcheck

Joe without glasses // Demi in heels = Performance

Click on pics to view full size

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11 Responses to “GMA – Pics”

  1. Lav Says:

    These are soo good 🙂
    oh & THANK YOU! for explaning which ones were souncheck & which were performances, you are truly reallyy helpfull 😀

  2. -PeAcE-LoVe-DEMI Says:

    These pictures r really cool…never seen such good quality…lol thnx 4 uploading news on the site…i really appreciate it, it keeps me sane :]

  3. -PeAcE-LoVe-DEMI Says:

    i’ve been around…i’m just a really BIG dork…jemi is always good quality to me…lol you’re awesome

  4. duchessduchie Says:

    I love the photo of Demi curtsying and the glasses tug-a-war. Thanks for posting!

  5. Lalia Says:

    Do you have a video of when Demi and Joe were messing about and when she took his glasses? x

  6. Maria Says:

    I love the pic where they are both holding his glasses. It’s something about the way he’s smiling at her. It’s almost like old times. By old times, I mean 4 months ago.

  7. camila Says:

    Yeah pleaseee

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