Tour = Hartford – Videos

Demi soundcheck 1

This Is Me

Wouldn’t Change A Thing

“I had a “He Should Stick to Tambourine” sign and Demi was laughing at it. Earlier, when Joe wasn’t on stage, she pointed, laughed, and nodded her head at it.”

The sign HERE

Here We Go Again

Demi pointing  & laughing just after the 2:25 mark

Catch Me 1

Don’t Forget 1

Got Dynamite 1

Can’t Back Down 1

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3 Responses to “Tour = Hartford – Videos”

  1. Vinnie Says:

    OMG! JEMI in “this is me” at the end, the conversation is SUPER CUTE. Aw! Although I dont hear all what they said. Is it “Joe” —“Joe” —“What do u say”—“What do u say” —“????”—“???”

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