Demi Bliss Interview

Interview was done last time she was in London.

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“My big fear is falling in love with someone who doesn’t love me back”

It’s not all glam parties, fancy frocks and hot dates for Disney’s Demi. Ms Lovato lets loose on boys, bullying and bad days.

The first the BLISS notices when we arrive at our exclusive Demi Lovato cover shoot is a huge table heaving with yummy food – cinnamon swirls, cheese and ham toasties, croissants, big bowls full of juicy fruit and jam in every flavour. Add in Demi’s glam mum Dianna and the rest of the Disney entourage, and we know we’re in proper Hollywood territory now.

But apart from Demi’s perfect California grin, glossy locks and glowing skin, she’s just like any normal teen girl. She’s fallen in love, had her share of heartbreak, dealt with low blows from the mean girls at school, and sometimes says things that she regrets (think, “Why don’t you ask Taylor?” in a response to a fan asking about former BFF Selena Gomez). Fresh from her split from Joe Jonas, Demi’s not scared to spill. Once the shoot is over and Demi’s stocked up on snacks from the Table of Plenty, she changes into simple black trousers and a black top, hugs her legs up to her chest as she sits on the dark blue sofa, and begins to open her heart to BLISS in the most revealing interview she’s ever given…

Demi on ‘Beating the bullies’
“School was fun for the first few years when popularity wasn’t an issue, but as I got older and started getting somewhere in show business, some of the girls didn’t like it. They began to get really catty, spreading rumours and making fun of me. They made things so difficult that I ended up leaving school. For a while it made it hard to trust people and I only had two friends. Even then, I kept them at a distance because I didn’t know if I could really trust them or not. Luckily I fount out later I could, but at the time I was so scared from not being able to trust anyone that I kept myself isolated. I’ve opened up a lot more since then, but I’m definatly still wary of people around me.”

Demi on ‘Grabbing that guy’
“It’s nice to have a good guy around, but I think it’s more important to make sure he’s your friend too. It’s so easy to end up relying on that person for your confidence and to make you feel beautiful. Then, if they end up breaking your heart, you don’t feel pretty any more. I think it’s more important to have guy friends around who’ll be there for you. You need to be able to be yourself around boys and have confidence of your own. There have been times when I haven’t and I’ve held back on my sense of humour. If it’s really ment to be though, that boy will actually like you for being yourself. When I liked somebody and just started cracking dorky jokes, it actually brought us together.”

Demi on ‘Falling out with friends’
“When you lose trust with somebody because rumours are going around, that’s not a real friendship. My friendships are always talked about and I know there was a lot of stuff said about me and Miley a while back, but that’s all in the past and we’re great friends now. Just the other night I was feeling down and crying, and even though I’m London I was still able to text her and chat to her about everything. She’s always there for me and I’ll always be there for her, no matter the situation. As for Selena, I wish the best for her. My friends are across the world right now so I’m kind of by myself, but when I go home my parents know that I need to see my mates. It’s important to have friends that you can call in the middle of the night and who wil be there for you, no matter what, as well as being able to trust them.”

Demi on ‘Healing her heartbreak’
“My big fear is falling for someone that you love more than they love you. Boys are so easy to fall in love with! [laughs] So easy to fall for and they break your heart – stay away! That’s what hapened to me last year – I got my heart broken by a guy. I was in South America working and was devastated for a week – like, crying my eyes out. I even cried on stage. I tried getting back together with him even though he really hurt me, but in the end we both knew it was over as it just wasn’t working.”

Demi on ‘Banishing the bad days’
I love my job, but the negative stuff in the media can bother me. There have even been times when my parents have been worried about it. One time they woke me up in the middle of the night after hearing a rumour that wasn’t even close to true. It can get overwhelming and I kinda feel like, ‘What am I doing this for?’ I spend al htis time working so hard just for people to badmouth me, but then I’ll watch a few fan videos that people have taken the time out of their day to make, and that’s what makes it worthwile.”

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2 Responses to “Demi Bliss Interview”

  1. mesha Says:

    really hope demi finds her love she seems to get hurt alot but always keeps her head up

  2. Andrea Says:

    Wonderful pics, I miss demi’s black hair and white skin, I loved when she looked like snow white just like this pics :), great interview love the outfit especially the one with the shorts & HD t- shirt, love D so much, it sucks that her big fear came true 😦

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