JB & Demi Teen Hollywood interview

Your duet with duet with Joe Jonas in Camp Rock 2 was great: Thanks! It definitely had more feeling. I think being friends with someone for years at a time you’re able to do that. If I had just met him, it might have been more difficult to play those emotions. Might not have been but we’ve gone through a lot; not just me and him but all three of the brothers. We’ve been through so much together since the first ‘Camp Rock’ and Joe and I have been best friends and had our ups and downs so it wasn’t hard to be able to relate to the song but, at the same time, it was a blast. I love being able to show my emotions through song and my acting. I’d play dramatic over comedy, I think, any day. I love doing comedy though.

Where do you want your career to finally go? I’ve been touring and hopefully, in ten years, I would have proved myself as a musician, songwriter, singer/actress/director/producer/script writer. I want to do everything.

Joe on relationship with Demi: Yeah, I’d say, going on what she said, to have a really good relationship with anybody, you have to have some ups and downs to appreciate what it is. For me and Demi, I think we both realize nobody is perfect and we do care for each other’s imperfections.

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5 Responses to “JB & Demi Teen Hollywood interview”

  1. Humanoid Says:

    omg joe always talks so much bs it hurts. “nobody’s perfect” “we care for each other’s imperfections”. He needs to grow a pair!

  2. Leona Says:

    Is this before of after they dated?? x

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