Tour = Daytona Beach – Videos

NOTE= This Is Me & Wouldn’t Change A Thing were not played that night.

Get Back

La La Land


Stop The World

+ Singing Happy Bday to a random fan 1


Catch Me

Don’t Forget

Remember December

Everytime You Lie


Here We Go Again

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4 Responses to “Tour = Daytona Beach – Videos”

  1. magilu Says:

    Merci beaucoup Cécile!
    T’es super! ❤

  2. rockmis Says:

    demi should do “everytime you lie” and “solo” on the tour!! I love thats songs 🙂

  3. Andrea Says:

    i think demi should include “solo” to her tour set list instead of Get back or la la land, a lot of my fave songs arent on the set list 😦 and i thought that she will include “Me, myself and time” because that song it´s a hit, if jonas can add songs from their serie why demi not? anyways i love the vids like always demi looking gorgeous and putting her best in each performance!!

    Thanks 🙂

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