Tour = San Antonio – Videos


– Answering questions  1 & 2 & 3

– Catch Me 1 & 2

Gotta Find You // This Is Me

This Is Me // Wouldn’t Change A Thing

This Is Me

Wouldn’t Change A Thing

Clips of Demi’s set

Get Back 1

La La Land 1

Remember December 1

Catch Me // Don’t Forget 1

Catch Me 1

Here We Go Again 1 & 2

Brand New Day 1

It’s Not Too Late 1

It’s On 1

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5 Responses to “Tour = San Antonio – Videos”

  1. Carito Says:

    Y las otras songs?? Jemi jemi jemi!!!
    Me encanta la voz de demi… Bueno a la espera… Saludos

  2. Leona Says:

    Thankyouu! 😀 Jemi were apparently awkward last night… and they were both forced to sign a Teen Vogue magazine at m&g x

    • jeminews Says:

      So awkward. And the girl who kept tweeting like a maniac it was scary (oneuponajemi, I think?) about them staring at eachother and Demi smiling at her Jemi shirt, I doubted she was actually there the concert hadn’t even started and it was still soundcheck. I think this is enough proof.

  3. rockmis Says:

    demi is hurt!!! jemi is awkward 😦 …. thanks for the vids!!!

    casi sufria con ellos viendolos cantar!!!

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