Tour Cincinnati – Pics #2

Click on the pics to view them full size! Do it =)

First Cincinnati pics post HERE

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7 Responses to “Tour Cincinnati – Pics #2”

  1. mah_BR Says:

    I’m commenting on Demi’s hotness as requested 🙂
    She should seriously wear that dress everyday!! The purple one is ok but this is…on another level of hotness!
    Thank you for taking the time to post all the vids and pictures. You are amazing!

    • jeminews Says:

      Nah she should wear it for her own set like this and keep the purple one for JB’s set. It gives a VERY nice view of her cleavelage =P

      • mah_BR Says:

        LOL you’re right. Her magic bra does wonders haha
        Also, if she wears the black one for her own set, we’ll have way more pictures and videos to appreciate it.
        However, if she wears it for the duets Joe will have an up close view to Demi’s ASSets and realize how incredibly stupid he is.
        So…idk which one i prefer…I kind of like seeing Joe suffer…

  2. Manda Says:

    Well you could have added some more from soundcheck – just kidding ! It took an age to load, but totally worth the effort. You really get a sense of Demi’s magnetism as a performer.

  3. lala girl Says:

    All I can say is Joe Jonas = idiot.

  4. Cathy Says:

    Love them! The guitar playing ones are funny!
    good work!

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