Tour = Dallas – Videos

Soundcheck 1

– Catch Me 1

This Is Me // Wouldn’t Change A Thing

This Is Me

Wouldn’t Change A Thing

Get Back 1 & 2 & 3

La La Land 1

Remember December 1 & 2

Catch Me // Don’t Forget 1 & 2 & 3

Don’t Forget 1

Got Dynamite 1

Here We Go Again 1

Brand New Day 1 & 2

Can’t Back Down 1 & 2

It’s Not Too Late 1 & 2 & 3

It’s On 1 & 2 & 3

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9 Responses to “Tour = Dallas – Videos”

  1. Manda Says:

    Is it me or did Joe and Demi seem to be playing around vocally with their duets? Not sure how to describe it, but once or twice they both seemed to be adding extra harmonies to the usual vocals. Anyway they seemed to enjoy singing together better and the fact that they are now in matching outfits (black/silver) makes it even better. 🙂

  2. Carito Says:

    Mejor mejor …. Quiero mas momentos jemi
    saludos a todos!!!! 😀

  3. Leona Says:

    I can’t tell coz there’s no close up but it seems like they looked at each other and it was a tiny bit less awkward than Houston… not sure though x

    And still LOVE that dress 😛

    • jeminews Says:

      I don’t know. I other vids Demi always had her eyes closed when facing him. Hopefully there will be a better one. I think Papa Jonas had a talk with them. But I hope Demi doesn’t back down from ignoring his hass if she doesn’t want to.

  4. Cathy Says:

    OK, what the heck was Joe doing during WCAT? So out of tune it was unreal. Is that dress going to stay? Much better than the other blue & purple ones (they’re nice, but this is nicer). Suits her better. A little less awkward but still nothing even close to what they were when they had the little contest/feather boas etc…

  5. Cathy Says:

    OK, I’ve watched the Soundcheck one and read the YouTube comment by the uploader (thank you btw!, seriously!). Sarcasm and rudeness can be mistaken for the same thing but they are not! Believe me! People need to take a chill pill. If this soundcheck is common of the ones people say she’s rude in, then I’m sorry but they need to sit down and relax! You might not get her ‘sarcasm’ or little comments but I don’t think she means to come across that way, it’s just her. Not her fault people take offense/
    And the comments about Nick, I don’t think the audience meant it the way it sounded, rude – asking for him during her soundcheck – but more cos they like them singing together. You see how it can come off as rude when it’s not meant to be though? I understand her comment about ‘not singing it then’. She didn’t understand the audience wanted a duet with him cos we like them doing that! That brought twitter to a standstill when people said they were singing together! Amazing.
    And what is with the questions? They are the most boring on the planet! Please think of some good ones if you’re going to a soundcheck in future!
    I probably have more to say but will stop! End of rant! Thanks for reading!

  6. Julia Says:

    It would be nice for some credit for these videos. Some of them are mine.


    –starbucks10v3r (From YouTube)

    • jeminews Says:

      They are still yours. What credit would you want me to give, you didn’t send them I found them so you weren’t a source. And since like I said the vids are still yours, I don’t see what you want. If people click on them it’ll direct them to your account.. If you don’t want them featured here then that’s another thing.

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