Tour = Irvine – Videos


Q&A 1 & 2 & 3

Catch Me 1 & 2 & 3

This Is Me

Wouldn’t Change A Thing

Get Back 1

La La Land 1

Remember December 1 & 2 & 3

Catch Me 1 & 2 & 3

Don’t Forget 1

Here We Go Again 1 & 2

Brand New Day 1

Can’t Back Down 1 & 2

It’s On 1

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10 Responses to “Tour = Irvine – Videos”

  1. Carito Says:

    Hi!!! El primer video es de ayer , los otros dos no :/ bueno pareció q hubo mayor contacto y risas pero faaalta mas química ojalá las cosas se arreglen quiero mas momentos jemi !!!! Aaahh notaron q esta vez demi paso por detrás de joe en el cambio de estrofa cccuuueeekkk!!! Era solo una acotación jijiji saludos todos y a esperar la gira de sudamerica 🙂

  2. Carito Says:

    Aaaaahhh linda!!! Me encanta la tecnología jijiji 😀

  3. Leona Says:

    Lol, wtf do they say at the beginning of WCAT?? Demi sounds amazing as usual 😀 x

    • Leona Says:

      Oh nvm… it’s just confusing coz they say it at the same time
      Joe: You wanna hear it? Demi: You guys wanna hear Wouldn’t Change a Thing? (stutters) *Both laugh*

  4. rockmis Says:

    I think they are just happy that not gonna get to see your faces for awhile… jemi is the same!

    when joe figured out that he is still a kid and not a man just because date with an old… he will get back with demi.

    jemi is true love and its getting more obvious 🙂

  5. kimyanc Says:

    Is it crazy that i’m wishing for videos of people who were there to support demi?? I want a sterling video dancing (people said he was wild when demi was singing) and tiffany there supporting her friend, and all demi’s friends hahaha Crazy and so random LOLOL i’m like that

  6. ALee Says:

    demi lovato fan can you help to vote for demi here J-14 Teen Icon Awards – Who Is Your Iconic Female Star? Demi pls thank you for your support

  7. ALee Says:

    Please spread to your friends too I think alot of people dont know about this because Demi doent tweet anything about this, and I think she deserve this. please please please. thx

  8. kimyanc Says:

    lol i saw the kardeshians (i don’t know how to spell it..haha) now i want some sterling and alex noyes that would be intersting;) lol
    BTW thank for this amazing job you did here all this tour your were and are the BEST:)
    much love

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