Tour = Mexico City – Videos

Demi press conference 1

Fan meetings outside the hotel 1 & 2 & 3

Demi Soundcheck

Q&A 1

Wouldn’t Change A Thing

La La Land

Remember December

Remember December // Lo Que Soy

Catch Me // Don’t Forget

Don’t Forget

Got Dynamite

Brand New Day

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2 Responses to “Tour = Mexico City – Videos”

  1. Leona Says:

    Loving these crowds… they full on scream for Demi, probably more then they do for JB 🙂

  2. cris Says:

    wow, thank you so much.
    Im really not into jemi anymore. I LOVE Demi so much to forgive Joe.
    I still think they make a beautiful couple. its just thet he acted like such a jerk and you dont do that to your best friend.
    ANYWAYS. i come here to watch the videos. Idk how you find them so fast.
    thank you

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