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Jb & Demi Oscars After Party videos

June 14, 2010

So I was sure I had posted them before but apparently not.. Weird. So here.

Go here for coverage of that day.

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White House Correspondents’ Dinner

May 2, 2010

“The Jonas Brothers were at the Garden Brunch this morning, and USA Today reported that Demi Lovato was holding hands with Joe Jonas non-stop for the entire party. Those kids are so cute!

You got that right!

White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Joe and Demi at Vanity Fair/Bloomberg party

KiddKraddick : Demi spotted ME! I was lost of course. She said, “say hi to my bf, Joe.” Love her

@DDLovato : “Let’s all point at the president!!!!” – THE Tracy Morgan.. Hahaha YES!!!

Live coverage from the Garden Brunch here. JB+Demi appear at around 43min. They stay on the screen for quite some time.

Pics from joejonasphotos & jonasonline & @DDLovato

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Jemi Houston Rodeo + Oscar after party pics + Tweets

March 17, 2010


ddlovato : About to go on… Wow… The HOUSTON RODEO with @jonasbrothers… So pumped!!! – 3:53 PM Mar 7th, 2010
ddlovato : There are so many people out there…. My hearts about to burst through my chest…. I’M SO READY FOR THIS!!!! COME ON TEXAS!!!!!!!! 😀 , 2010 3:55 PM Mar 7th, 2010
joejonas : Wow! Fun getting back on stage. Missed you guys so much. Can’t wait for a tour! 70,000 people rocked out! – 5:37 PM Mar 7th, 2010
justjaredjr : @joejonas & @nickjonas hanging w @ddlovato at elton john’s oscar party. Miley sitting on Liam’s lap during Grace Jones’ performance – 10:54 PM Mar 7th, 2010
justjaredjr : @joejonas said they just flew in from houston concert. @ddlovato was with them too. They all missed the oscars but r happy 4 hurt locker – 11:08 PM Mar 7th, 2010
ddlovato : Wow… Best weekend ever… For so many reasons.. For instance – I could cry.. I met Jennifer Hudson. Wow. – 1:47 AM Mar 8th, 2010
ddlovato : – The beautiful Danielle, Kevin, @nickjonas, me, and @joejonas 🙂 What a crazy day.. haha – 5:32 PM Mar 8th, 2010

Go here for videos of them at the after party.

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