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Going/Leaving the Jonas house + Disneyland

April 26, 2010

First Joe arrives at his parents’ house

While Demi hangs with Miley

Then Demi joins a barefoot Joe who’s waiting for her outside at the Jonas’ house

And they go inside

Then they leave together to support Kevin for DisneyLand with Joe now wearing shoes and jeans

At DisneyLand

And bumping into old pal Malese Jow who then tweeted : “Just ran into @joejonas and @ddlovato at Dland. It’s a small world! 😉 California Adventure time!”

Here Joe hugging Malese’s sister. Malese in the background.

Here are all the pics.

Pics thx JustJaredJr & joejonasphotos

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Jemi / Nick&Nicole double date?

April 15, 2010

Joe & Demi and Nick & Nicole were seen leaving the Farfalla Restaurant yesterday night.

UPDATE : From OceanUp

Nick,Nicole,Joe&Demi went out last night to dinner however, the dinner was a ‘Disney Get Together’ Dinner! It was in fact NOT a double date! Nick and Nicole are NOT dating at this time. This is word from an inside source! 😐 Sorry Nickole lovers!

Pictures from joejonasphotos & jonasonline

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