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JB interview FOX

August 16, 2010

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Demi/JB/Camp Rock World Tour

April 28, 2010

Listen to the SayNow message here


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Alyson Stoner Excited About Joe and Demi

April 22, 2010

“If you couldn’t see it coming, I don’t know what you were looking at”

“They had great chemistry on screen so I guess it just, trickled into real life! Or maybe it was in real life first..

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Jemi cute couple

April 21, 2010

From People

Joe Jonas and girlfriend Demi Lovato made “such a cute couple” while hanging at the Beachcomber at the Malibu Pier, a spy tells us. The two were there as Nick Jonas worked on reshoots for his new music video at nearby Surfrider Beach, and the threesome took a timeout to grab a bite. The boys indulged in burgers while Lovato ordered a Mahi Mahi sandwich.

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Joe brings soup to Demi?

April 14, 2010

Keep in mind that this is unconfirmed.

From Michelle:

I work at Sweet Salt Foodshop, which is located in Toluca Lake just on Riverside Drive. I was working yesterday (Monday the 12th) and I was surprised to see none other than Joe Jonas come in our shop a little after 7:30 PM. He bought two servings of soup and I wasn’t able to ask for a photo with him as I was working. He was smiling a lot and seemed really happy, even asking me how my day at work had been. He was very polite to me as well and really seemed like a normal guy.

Source OceanUp

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Tweets from HS concert and more

April 4, 2010

The tweets are from Riley Hutchins’ twitter account. She was at the concert last night.

whoariley : uh Demi & Joe just kissed!!

DangaMrPrezK2xo tweets : @whoariley did they kiss like wicked long or was it just like a pecky thing?

whoariley : @DangaMrPrezK2xo it was just a quick kiss. really cute. really nauseating.

jemihearts tweets : @whoariley Hey did Joe an Demi look happy ? Were they kissing alot ?

whoariley : @jemihearts they were really cute. where it was like “are you forreal?” they looked really happy :]

jemihearts tweets : @whoariley was Joe like all over her,like holding her and his arms around her waist ? Awww 🙂

whoariley : @jemihearts yeah aha. at first they were just standing around then they were playing & dancing. then Joe put his arm around her neck ❤

Miss_Soonia tweets : @whoariley Who made the first step to kiss?

whoariley : @Miss_Soonia uh they just like.. met in the middle..

So that’s what I got! Got any more?

Also a girl went to the Honnor Society and here’s what she had to say about our favourite couple:

Also i was at the honor society show tonight & jemi was with nick, KSM, Jordan Puritt, John Taylor and others. I can tell you from being practically in full view of it all night – they were extremely lovey dovey towards each other, totally loved up in mine and many others who were there opinions. They hugged constantly – like literally hardly let go of each other. They talked all night and yes they did kiss quite alot!! And it wasnt just Demi going in for kisses, Joe kept pulling her in to kiss her too!! Unfortunatly i have no pics or anthing cis i thought i was gonna die with excitement!! I litterally couldnt breathe!! Total Jemi freakout moment!! Hahahaha. Hope this helps you doubters!!

The kisses that i saw were kinda like really affectionte. They seem really really happy, and i am not just saying that as a Jemi fan. Some people who i was with arent really bothered about the whole couples thing you know with ‘miam and jemi’ but even they were like they look really happy with each other an good for each other. I can also say that of the many times i have been to concerts and seen joe jonas, i have NEVER seen him as happy as he is right now. They honestly look really into each other & i think its so amazing that two best friends fell in love with each other!! So ignore all the haters and doubters they are talking a load of bull! I do take intk account other peoples feelings on them because in some cases they could be right, but at this moment in time they are not right at all! If any of them were TRUE Jonas fans they would be happy if they are happy & just hope the best for them. If they dont then i think they can consider themselves not true fans! Enough said!

I dont really think it was making out. That doesnt mean anything though cos i mean it would have been kinda inconsiderate when all their friends were aroun them lol. But id say the kisses lasted quote a bit but not a full on make out sesh!!

Also, according to Kate Cabebe’s tweets Demi & Joe (and Kevin, Nick and everybody from Jonas Group) spent the day together:

Eating lunch with @jonasbrothers, @honorsociety, @ddlovato and a bunch more that I can’t fit into this tweet but its still really exciting!!

Demi’s bff from texas Marissa Callahan tweeted : – cutest couple award?

And then in other news, Joe’s going to kiss “other ladies but one true love.” as said by the director of JONAS (and Camp Rock 2)

@Annaaaa13 @paulhoen and how it will be the relationship of joe? there will be more kisses?? 🙂

@paulhoen @Annaaaa13 with other ladies but one true love.

I don’t really think by “true love” he means Demi but Stella, Joe’s love interrest on the show because that’s what they where talking about previously.

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Dallas Lovato’s tweets concerning fling with Joe

March 21, 2010

I post this because it’s JEMI related news, but I never once believed in the rumours nor did I ever believed Zack Taylor about ANYTHING. I will not post anyting he says. But Dallas is Demi’s sister and she addressed the rumours (again) – even though I whish she hadn’t.

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