Jemi Easter with family & friends

Demi and Joe were seen entering the Four Seasons hotel. From what I’m hearing, Joe came out to get Demi and went back into the retaurant where they ate with the rest of the Jonas family and friends.

From Karen :

My friend saw the Jonas Brothers enjoying Easter brunch at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. She said, ‘Nick and Joe really had a liking for the meat area, and they also enjoyed some waffles.

Demi and Joe had their hands cemented together the whole time! I didn’t take a picture with them since I didn’t bring my camera, but I didn’t want to interrupt their family time any way! There were so many celebs there but all I cared about were the Jonas Brothers.. Of course.’

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One Response to “Jemi Easter with family & friends”

  1. blak4ever Says:

    OMJ!!! Sooo freaking cute!! I love her dress!! And wait, isn’t that the same suit that he wore on American Idol? It looks like it is.I have NEVER EVER seen Joe this happy with anyone except Demi!! Not with Taylor or with Camilla.. And not this affectionate before either! I mean, everytime he was with CB, they always walked with a space, never held hands, and he NEVER smiled or kissed her like he SMILES AND KISSES Demi!

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